Meet Alexis

When Alexis is passionate about something, she’ll see it all the way through. One of her favorite things to do is to babysit, and she takes it very seriously. In fact, Alexis has all of her certifications in order to ensure she’s the best babysitter out there! Responsible and kind, Alexis is a great caregiver and is particularly great with younger kids -- she’s got a soft spot for babies!

In her free time, Alexis enjoys working out and being as active as possible. A big fan of playing pretty much any sport, Alexis in particular enjoys wrestling, gymnastics, and basketball, which offers her a wide array of exercise and skills!

Currently in her freshman year, Alexis enjoys being in school and does well! She’s great at math and is a responsible student. She will also benefit from the encouragement of the right adoptive family, especially as she navigates the rest of her high school years. A naturally social and inclusive person, Alexis likes to encourage everyone to join in at activities in school and at home.

Alexis has a close relationship with her brothers, who she loves very much. An adoptive family who will support these bonds throughout her life will be essential.

Alexis will do well with one or two parents and as the only child or the oldest of younger siblings. An adoptive family who is skilled at setting routines and expectations will be great for Alexis. Alexis is a great communicator and has longed for someone to listen to her and hear her out. An adoptive family who prioritizes open communication and quality time will be a wonderful fit for this great kid.

If you can see Alexis in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find her the adoptive family she deserves.

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