Meet Aleksander

We're excited to highlight Aleksander through our In-Depth Profiles, an NWAE project that engages youth, and the adults who advocate for them, to share directly with potential adoptive families. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles™.

His song: Where is Thumbkin
Loves to: Swim
Passionate about: Flags
Looking for: a permanent, consistent, and encouraging home

A natural adventurer, Aleksander loves the water and especially enjoys swimming, which he is getting increasingly good at. There’s always something new to discover outside. Sometimes that's as simple as a fun backyard slide, but it can get as creative as exploring the night with a flashlight and an adventuring companion at his side!

Quote from Aleksander's caseworker that says, "I just think he's incredible, I really do." Aleksander smiling and waving.

When indoors, there’s a whole list of things you’d find Aleksander enjoying. He definitely has a favorite song these days: Where is Thumbkin. He no doubt has his preferred versions of it, too. Aleksander also enjoys watching TV, playing on his tablet or with his Toy Story action figures, or reading a magazine. His true passion, however, is flags. He’s incredibly knowledgeable about the flags of various nations, and uses them generously as room décor!

Aleksander's caseworker, Savannah, has endless praise for all that Aleksander brings to life and to those who know him best.

Aleksander is super playful and likes to joke around with his foster parents, tricking them into thinking he wants them to read one page, but quickly flipping it to another when they start to read the words. A few of his favorite things to read are the small print on the Safeway flyer, magazines, and the atlas. He loves to read anything that is informative, especially any papers that have instructions to build an item.

Aleksander’s former caregiver says that they appreciate his tenacity and drive. He’s an affectionate kid who loves to play and spend time with people. There are a few key relationships in Aleksander’s life that are important to maintain throughout his life. Adoptive families should be supportive in these bonds.

Aleksander met with an NWAE staff and his therapist, Heidi, to show off of a few of his favorite activities and burgeoning skills.

Aleksander does well in his classroom environment. Working one-on-one with his teachers, paraeducators, mentors, and other members of his team is the best way for him to learn. Recently, Aleksander has been learning ASL and knows quite a few new signs! He's recently learned to say the word "go," which has been a huge step! He’s also a rock star at finger spelling.

Aleksander will do well in any family configuration including a pet or two – he's very gentle with animals! An adoptive family who can support, love, and guide Aleksander throughout his life will be a great fit for this awesome kid.

If you can see Aleksander in your family, please reach out to us. We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.