Meet Laci

Kind and creative, Laci is an awesome kid who is passionate about finding her future adoptive family. When discussing her future, Laci often expresses that she really wants the chance to prove herself and be loved by a family for who she is. It’s clear her priorities are simple. Laci says she “just wants to be cared for.”

Currently in the 8th grade, Laci enjoys science class the most and maybe wants to be a marine biologist in the future. She likes all animals and creatures big and small, including bugs, so naturally she’s interested in a career combining science, nature, and underwater life.

Actually, when it comes to future careers, Laci has a long list of potential paths to take. Besides marine biology, she’s interested in women’s health and may want to pursue a career as a doctor. To speak to her caring nature, being a babysitter is also something she’s excited to explore as a potential future career. As far as her hobbies, Laci has a huge love of arts and crafts. She’s got a talent for painting, coloring, and sculpting, among other art forms.

Her caseworker says she appreciates so much about Laci, including her determination to continually better herself. Her caseworker explains that “Laci has had many challenges and continues to try her hardest to push forward.” She adds that Laci is a smart, curious and quirky teenager with lots of love to give.

While Laci isn’t opposed to having siblings, especially younger kids, she's expressed that she doesn't want to end up being "used for stuff" like cleaning and child care. Laci deserves a family that will encourage her to be her own kid and person. Her team is eager to hear from families excited to learn more about Laci and what she’s looking for in an adoptive family.

Please reach out if you can see Laci in yours!