Meet Paul

A giggle that catches on, making the whole room giggle too, is one of Paul’s most well-known character traits. He’s just got such a great laugh that brings a lot of joy to the people who surround him. Silly and sweet, Paul finds his own ways to make people laugh, most often in the form of a silly face. It always works!

Currently in the 9th grade, Paul receives great supports from his mentors and teachers. On top of that, he’s a quick learner who does well in his classroom environment. Paul largely communicates using American Sign Language (ASL).

One of Paul’s favorite things to do is play catch, and while you need at least two people to do that, Paul is no stranger to playing independently either. He can do it all!

Paul’s team is really excited to find him the permanent home he deserves. The team is most excited to hear from two-parent families who can navigate Paul’s needs and desires together, though families of all configurations are welcome to inquire.

If you can see Paul in your family, please reach out to us! He’s a great kid who deserves the very best.