Meet Nate

Nate’s profile features insight from his foster parents who adore him and are champions for his permanency. They, along with Nate’s caseworker, want to find Nate a supportive family that can provide him lifelong love and support.

Nate's favorite snack: Pizza

One way to make Nate happy: Going for a long drive

Who Nate’s team is excited to connect with: Experienced families ready to nurture and provide stability for Nate

Fewer things make Nate happier than soaring high into the sky—on his trampoline, of course! Jumping around always puts him into a good mood. When he’s ready to exert some energy outdoors, he’ll find his trampoline socks, calmly put them on, take a trusted adult’s hand and walk toward the door with a big grin on his face. Nothing beats bouncing around! Nate loves to jump around at home in the backyard and at the local trampoline park. The joy radiates off his face as he flies skyward, as high and as safe as he can go. When his energy runs out, he’ll lay down to rest for a moment before getting ready to head back home.

Nate eating pizza. His favorite hobbies are going for drives, jumping on the trampoline, and playing at the park.

There are a handful of things that bring Nate joy. Some of his favorites at the moment are getting in the car and going for a drive, playing at the park, and jumping on the trampoline!

The same pattern happens in the summer when it’s swimming weather. Nate will find his life vest, put it on, and eagerly wait for the time to head to the lake or the river. He gravitates toward time in the water, even just standing feet deep in the water and feeling it rush around his legs. Going for a ride in the car is also a favorite activity, being able to peacefully cruise along and look out the windows.

Nate is a loving and kind teen. He likes snuggling up with his caregivers and is kind to others around him. He likes spending time in his room at home and often plays with K’nex, twirling them and moving them around. When he needs something, he is quick to gently take his caregiver’s hand and lead them to it. When it comes to food, he likes what he likes and doesn’t mind the repetition of staying with his favorites.

Nate is an effective communicator, often using his gestures, as he doesn’t use words to speak. It helps to have the nearby bonds of adults who he trusts. Going into 10th grade, he enjoys his days at school. He likes using tablets for games and school activities.

Nate’s caseworker is looking for a good family fit for him, who would be excited to care for him and create those loving bonds he cherishes. A family with patience and strong supports around them will help Nate continue to grow and thrive in a new setting. Please reach out to us if you feel you might have a connection with Nate! We’re committed to finding him the future long-term home and permanency he deserves.

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