Meet Rachelle

“Kind” is just one of the many words that come up when discussing who Rachelle is. Her foster parent appreciates how engaging she is and her caseworker praises her “kind heart.” And she’s known for her good memory—one of the things her caseworker appreciates most about Rachelle is how often she helps him remember something he’s forgotten.

Currently in the 8th grade, Rachelle’s favorite subject is math, which may explain why she enjoys puzzles so much as well. A problem-solver through and through! She’s a very smart kid who, especially when focused, is an awesome helper and a motivated student. In the future, she may want to be a German Shepherd breeder.

As mentioned above, Rachelle enjoys doing jigsaw puzzles. She’s also a sorter and arranger, always looking for the best way to stay organized. When she’s not creatively strategizing indoors, Rachelle really likes a slew of outside stuff as well.

When asked what she hopes to find in a future home, Rachelle is very focused on animals. She loves dogs and cats and is eager to have that deep companionship. If a family does not have a dog yet, Rachelle really hopes to find a family who’s excited to adopt a dog together. She’s nervous about adoption, but also feels good about it.

Her team is eager to hear from families who love pets and can provide a loving, permanent place for Rachelle to call home. While she’s eager to be adopted, families who can meet Rachelle where she’s at and work alongside her as she adjusts, learns, and grows into a new family will be the best fit.

If you can see Rachelle in your family, please reach out to us. We’re excited to find her the adoptive family she deserves.