Meet Izaac

Izaac's profile features insight from his foster parent and caseworkers who adore him and are champions for his permanency. They want Izaac to find a family and community that will provide him with lifelong love and support.

Izaac's favorite pastime: Grooving and dancing to music

Key to making Izaac's day: Spending quality time with him

Who Izaac’s team is excited to connect with: Experienced families willing to learn and meet Izaac where he's at

Energetic and a bunch of fun, Izaac is always ready to do anything to entertain his audience. He can be quite silly! When it comes to choosing between sleep or spending time with people, he’ll choose the latter every time. An adoptive family who can guide Izaac toward activities that expend that bouncy energy will be so great.

Izaac smiling. Quote reads: Izaac could thrive in many family constellations.

Izaac will be
going into 2nd grade and does well in his current learning environment. Having an adoptive family who can help keep him connected to additional community supports for his educational future will be really beneficial! Izaac is always learning and is working on his vocabulary, sign language, and his karaoke – okay, not really, but he does love listen to music and sing along to songs! Izaac has many tools he relies on in his daily life; an adoptive family who is prepared to learn all about these tools and other services in Izaac's life will be essential.

Three photos of Izaac smiling in different poses.

Portraits by Evelyn Mae Photography in partnership with Adopt-A-Child Photography.

The ideal fit would be an adoptive family who is experienced and familiar with advocating for the necessary medical services and routines for Izaac
. His team is excited to hear from families who are interested in adopting Izaac and keeping him in close touch with his sister. These two are very well-connected and even if they can’t grow up in the same home, their relationship is a priority.

Izaac looking off into distance. His caseworker describes him as sweet, giggly, and happy.

Any family configuration will do for
Izaac, as long as they have the dedicated time and energy to love and care for him. He deserves it!

If you can see Izaac in your family, please reach out to us. We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

Could you see Izaac as part of your family?