Meet Cooper

Cooper is excited to share some of his story through our In-Depth Profiles, a NWAE project that empowers youth to speak directly to potential adoptive families. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles.

All-time favorite sport: Baseball
Prefers: Camping and fishing, rather than video games
Known to be: Friendly and personable
Looking for: An adoptive family

It's the outdoors that calls to Cooper. Sure, he'll make time to play some video games or watch a movie here and there. But he'd rather be breathing in fresh air year-round. Camping and fishing are two of his favorite weekend activities (he loves eating salmon, so getting one on the hook is certainly on his to-do list). And every spare hour in between is probably spent on the baseball field! Cooper has such a passion for baseball. Currently he plays for his school team and spends most time at shortstop or pitcher. He's played the game since he was just a few years old and can't get enough of it.

Cooper is right at home on the baseball field. He has such a passion for the game!

Cooper has an up-for-anything, "say yes" outlook on life. Yes to going swimming, yes to shooting hoops on the basketball court, yes to a game of soccer, yes to skateboarding. Sensing a theme here? He's quick to keep himself busy and is a creative teenager at heart. He takes great care in the things he collects - sports cards, Pokémon cards - and is willing to watch just about any kind of movie, as long as it isn't too old, he says with a laugh. The original Star Wars trilogy is about as far back as he will go, otherwise "they're just too slow!"

Cooper put his own stamp on his In-Depth Profile so it could better reflect who he is. He wants potential families to see him doing the things he loves. He helped brainstorm, create, and review all of the content here on his page, so don't miss a second of the videos that showcase all that he contributed!

The process of making Cooper's In-Depth Profile was as fun as the finished result!

Currently in the 7th grade, Cooper has his sights set on college one day. High school comes next though! Math is his favorite subject. Working on his academic goals will be that much better with a future adoptive family to help motivate and encourage him. Sports is also a great motivator for Cooper to stay dedicated to his homework. He wants to play in every game, so he commits to keeping his grades up.

Friendly and kind, Cooper is well-liked by the people in his life. He's quick to laugh, joke, and chat with both adults and other kids. He keeps close relationships with his biological siblings, and finding a family who will support these bonds throughout his life is essential.

Cooper throwing a baseball from a pitcher's mound while a NWAE Youth Engagement Specialist records video next to him. Text on the photo says: "Cooper led the way throughout his In-Depth Profile, ensuring it captures what he is passionate about."

A few more things Cooper wants families to know about him include he loves dogs and would like having an older brother. He’d also like to find a family who also enjoys being outdoors like him. He hopes to be adopted and is looking for a place to permanently call home. Cooper and his caseworker are excited to hear from families of any makeup in any location, but he's particularly hopeful to continue living in the Northwest states, close to the places and people he knows.

Cooper’s team is excited to hear from families who can advocate for him and help Cooper succeed in his personal goals. His team additionally thinks he’ll do best as an only child or the youngest to older kids. If you can see Cooper in your family, please reach out to us. We're eager to find him the future home and family he deserves.

Could you see Cooper as part of your family?