Meet Zy'aire

We're excited to highlight Zy'aire through our In-Depth Profiles, an NWAE project that engages youth, and the adults who advocate for them, to share directly with potential adoptive families. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles™.

Expert at: Sorting and organizing toys
Likes to be: Walking outside
Always listening to: "Let It Go"
Looking for: An adoptive family

When Zy’aire feels connected and attached to the adults around him, it’s unmistakable. He likes to shower them with attention and affection, even sometimes nuzzling his face close, soothed by their familiar smell. It’s his way of showing that he feels comfortable and safe with his caregivers. He’s a kid that likes to bond.

Zy'aire smiling. His caregiver says "Zy'aire is very intuitive. He can sense how you're feeling."

Rhythm and familiarity help Zy’aire feel comfortable and happy. Coming home from school, he looks forward to a daily snack and some juice–and then is content to be in his room. One constant that is usually present? The movie ‘Frozen,’ playing in the background. He enjoys the characters and songs and the movie just never gets old for him!

Zy’aire attends middle school. He has great teacher and caregiver support to attend and move between his classes. Using pictures and tablets help him communicate throughout his day and move from task to task. A family who can continue to advocate for his educational progress, and help him access the support that helps him thrive, will be a great fit for this kid.

Zy'aire's caregiver, Cyan, shares about all of the things that make Zy'aire unique.

While Zy’aire doesn’t currently use too many words to speak, the ones he chooses help him communicate clearly and connect with his caregivers. For example, he will say “backpack, coat, shoes” to share that he wants to go to school. He’ll list out his favorite movies when he wants to turn on the tv (but let’s be honest, his vote will probably be for another watch and singalong of Frozen!). And when he’s ready for a snack, he’ll name his favorite ones, like “apples.” He wants to share with those around him.

Zy'aire smiling listening to music next to Olaf from Frozen. HIs favorite song is Let It Go.

Zy’aire’s caseworker is excited to hear from families who think they could be a good fit for Zy’aire. He’s a kid who deserves the unconditional care that will help him continue to grow and thrive. We hope you will reach out if you feel a connection and think that could be you.

Could you see Zy'aire as part of your family?