Frequently asked questions

My home study hasn’t been completed yet; can I still make an inquiry?

If you believe your family is a great fit for a teen or youth with an In-Depth Profile, we encourage you to reach out to us at any time. However, you will need a home study to submit an inquiry using the inquiry form. Please be aware that you may have to wait until your home study is complete to be connected with the youth’s caseworker and for further information.

I completed a home study years ago. Does this still count?

In most cases, your home study needs to have been completed or updated within the last two to three years. If you have a question about whether or not your home study allows you to connect with a youth’s caseworker, please reach out and we’ll check on your eligibility.

Can I inquire on a child who is outside my state of residence?

Yes. Most caseworkers are interested in hearing from families who will best fit the needs of a youth, regardless of geographical location. While there are times when a local placement is preferred in order to maintain existing connections, please place an inquiry if you think you could provide permanency for that particular youth.

I reached out to the youth’s caseworker but haven’t heard back. Should I inquire again?

If you have not heard back from the caseworker within two weeks, please reach out to us.

Note: Oregon is a caseworker-to-caseworker contact state, which means contact is limited to professionals only. If your caseworker hasn’t heard back on an Oregon inquiry, we advise them to follow up with the caseworker again, using the contact information provided during the inquiry process.

Can you share more personal information on a specific child on your website?

Strength-based recruitment respects the safety, privacy, and dignity of youth in foster care and gives them the opportunity to be empowered, engaged, and involved in helping find their adoptive family. We don't include physical descriptions, personal information like what medication a child may be taking, or anything that you wouldn't personally be excited to read if you were reading a profile about yourself. Instead, we focus on passions, positive characteristics, hobbies, and points of pride for the youth. We know that personal information is really important to families and necessary to know. Parenting a child with trauma requires deep consideration. Rest assured that when you are identified as the best fit for a child to move forward with, all necessary information about that child will be made available to you.