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Information for teens in Washington State who want an active role in finding a permanent home.

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Hello! On this page you will find a series of videos created for teens living in foster care, who are interested in collaborating with Northwest Adoption Exchange to make their voices heard in the family search process. We have partnered with Vibe, a teen who has experienced foster care, to share insights and ideas directly with other youth.

Watch the video below to hear from Vibe on why your voice matters and what to expect in this three-part series.

Vibe shares why it's important for youth to use their voice in the search for a future home.

Click on the links below to check out more videos from Vibe:

What's an In-Depth Profile?

What's it like to make an In-Depth Profile?

How do I get involved?

Northwest Adoption Exchange is here to help you find the future home you’re looking for and ensure your voice is heard. Maybe that’s an adoptive family or maybe it is something different for you. No matter what, we think you should have a say throughout this process.

Frequently asked questions

What does Northwest Adoption Exchange do for me?

Northwest Adoption Exchange helps find potential families who could be a permanent home for youth in foster care. By sharing short youth profiles on our site, we get the word out far and wide on your behalf. Any family who could be a fit for you is sent to your caseworker, who can begin to explore if they’d be a good match.

Why do I have a profile on the website?

Your profile is on the website to help find more potential families who could be a good, permanent fit for you. Your caseworker helped start this process. If you haven't yet been involved—and want to be—we can't wait to collaborate to ensure your profile best represents you. If you're wondering why you don't have a visible profile on, it's possible that it is only featured on our password-protected page, or doesn't exist at this time. We recommend asking your caseworker if you're confused in any way.

Who can see the website?

To ensure youth profiles reach as many potential families as possible, the website is public and anyone can see it. This is why we also take your privacy very seriously. We never share anything specific—last name, school, or location—that could be identifying. When your profile is no longer needed, we remove it entirely from the site.

Can I create my own profile page?

Yes! We believe your voice should be featured front and center in this process. That's why we have created In-Depth Profiles as a way for you to help build and create your own page. In-Depth Profiles are youth-led, from start to finish, and feature the things you want to focus on. Check out the page "What's an In-Depth Profile?" to learn more about creating your own.

What if I'm not sure I want to be adopted?

That is totally fine! We know the word 'adoption' is in our name, but we are committed to helping all youth find the best future home for them—whatever that looks like. Sometimes that's an adoptive home and sometimes it's another type of permanent living arrangement. What's most important is for your voice to be represented in that process. Having a profile doesn't lock you into anything. It simply helps create more options to choose from in the future.

What does my caseworker do to find me a home?

Your caseworker's job is to find you a home that will be safe, stable, and the right fit for you. To do this, they may want to consider different options at once to ensure you will find a home you can thrive in. They might have conversations with people you already know, or they might talk with families who have seen your profile. Your caseworker is the central hub for all of those efforts. You should always be able to stay updated and involved in what's happening on your behalf.

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