Meet Alex

Alex is excited to share some of his story through our In-Depth Profiles, a NWAE project that empowers teens to speak directly to potential adoptive families. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles™.

Always into: A good book
Knows his stuff about: Pokemon
Loves to: Try new foods (especially spicy ones!)
Looking for: A permanent home

Read any good books lately? Alex would love to discuss them with you! From Harry Potter to historical novels, Alex loves diving into a great book and having someone to talk to about them. He not only loves to read, Alex is also an aspiring novelist and has started writing several books of his own. An engaging conversationalist, Alex is always excited to talk about the things he’s interested in and hear other people’s thoughts and opinions. Alex is very thoughtful and appreciates respectful communication and emotional intelligence.

When he’s not nose deep in a book, Alex enjoys learning about technology and loves to take things apart to learn how they work and then try to put them back together. He also enjoys video games and would love to have someone to go head to head with on Mario Cart! Alex really connects with the people in his life and wants to share quality time together. Sharing meals is one of Alex's favorite ways to connect, and he's happy to help out in the kitchen too. He loves trying new foods from around the world, especially spicy things!

Alex is doing really well in school, and especially loves history class. He tends to score above average in most subjects when he puts his mind to it. A family that will support his educational achievements, celebrate his thirst for knowledge and help him continue to excel in academics would be great for him.

Alex is excited and optimistic about finding the perfect adoptive family and would do great in any family configuration. He has said that he would love to have another teenage boy in the house to connect with and buddy around with, but would also do well with older or younger children as he is very patient and understanding. Alex has a close connection with his biological brother, and it will be important for an adoptive family to be willing to support and continue that relationship.

If you can see Alex in your family, reach out! We are excited to find the adoptive family Alex can connect and grow with.

Beyond the Profile- Getting to know Alex as we collaborated on his In-Depth Profile was such a pleasure. I was continually impressed by his intelligence and how well he can hold down a conversation about almost anything, and how interested and inquisitive he was about things he didn't know. One evening as we sat in his back yard chatting I completely lost track of time, engaged in our conversation, until I noticed the sun was going down! I thought his idea to create a video around his love for spicy food was hilarious and wonderful, and I think we were both more than pleased with how it turned out. While filming his "Hot Takes" video, I had questions prepared for him to answer and talk about, but again, so many times the conversation veered and shifted gears in such amusing and interesting ways it took us an entire afternoon to get the shots we needed because we were having so much fun talking together. One of the topics I enjoyed hearing about most was the novel series he's been writing. I was astonished by the amount of detail and different interesting story lines he explained to me, I can't wait to read his books. Alex is polite, charming, funny and just one of the sweetest kids I've gotten to know. I can't wait for him to find the adoptive family he so deserves.

-Ginger Seslar, Youth Engagement Specialist

Could you see Alex as part of your family?