Meet Katelynn

Katelynn is excited to share some of her story through our In-Depth Profiles, a NWAE project that empowers youth to speak directly to potential adoptive families. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles™.

Loves to be: In the kitchen or outside
Favorite recipe: Peanut butter cookies
Expert at: Befriending animals (except snakes)
Looking for: An adoptive family

Pull up a chair and stay a while! Katelynn is an excellent conversationalist who is down to chat with you about just about anything! Bring up a topic she loves (like cooking, dogs, the outdoors...) and she will talk with you forever!

“She can talk your ear off about anything to do with art, cooking, and music.”

You can often find Katelynn in the kitchen where she's bound to be cooking up something new and yummy to share, or defaulting to her favorite baked good: peanut butter cookies.

Katelynn wanted to share a little bit about her love for baking with potential families.

Currently in the 7
th grade, Katelynn enjoys spending her time doing “teen things.” She loves to talk and spend time with the people she loves, and loves going to school. If you couldn’t guess it already, her favorite class is art! Katelynn is thoughtful and friendly and often offers to help her teacher in class.

Katelynn is also a big animal lover, unless we’re talking snakes! She especially loves dogs, cats, and fish. She loves to spend time with animals, and her foster parents say she does a great job of showing animals love.

Katelynn smiling holding up one of her propagated plants in front of her other plants. She wants to continue to grow her collectionl

Katelynn is quickly becoming a plant aficionado, too! So far, she's got an orchid, a monstera, a spider plant, and a few other plants in her collection. There are many other plants she hopes to get, too! Katelynn is very attentive, and even made sure to ask the employees at the plant store what types of supplies she will need to keep her plants alive.

Katelynn pointing to all her plants on a windowsill. She would like to get an aloe plant next.

Katelynn is no stranger to trying new things, and because of that, has developed many hobbies! The newest on her list include latch hook work and crocheting. She’s ready to get involved with any type of art work. Her foster parents describe her as being up for anything, and a very “hands-on” kind of kid.

Katelynn smiling and holding up a blue painting she made. She loves painting and crocheting.

When she's not inside baking up something delicious or crocheting her latest masterpiece, Katelynn loves to spend time outside. In fact, she'd almost always rather be outside (except when it's snowing). Some of Katelynn's favorite things to do outside are go for walks, hike, ride bicycles, play with the neighbor's dog (did we mention she loves dogs?!).

When asked about the future, Katelynn is a little anxious, but also excited and hopeful to find a family with the support she’s looking for.

Her team is excited to hear from families who can support Katelynn as she grows and continues to find new things and hobbies that she loves, and would especially like to hear from families who can give Katelynn plenty of grace and patience, as big change is difficult. Katelynn has expressed that she wants a home to call her own and would love to be an only child, though she has lived with big families and liked it.

If you can see Katelynn in your family, please reach out to us. We’re excited to find her the adoptive family she deserves.

Beyond the Profile: I've gotten the chance to know Katelynn for a little while now. Every time we get a chance to chat is a good time. I'd say a good chunk of our conversations are filled with laughter and joking around with each other. Katelynn is quick to call me out on my sarcasm and dish it right back. I've had such a good time getting to know Katelynn. She is an awesome teen who is wise beyond her years. I know she will make a fantastic addition to anyone's family (and it's not just because she makes excellent cookies). I'm so excited to share Katelynn's profile and help her find the adoptive family she deserves.

-Kailee Haong, Youth Engagement Specialist

Could you see Katelynn as part of your family?