Meet Brian

Brian's profile features insight from his caregiver who adores him and is a champion for his permanency. Brian's team hopes to find a family ready to continue to advocate for his growth academically and socially.

Brian thrives with: Good routine and structure

Brian's favorite toys: Fidget spinners and pop-its

Who Brian's team is excited to connect with: Experienced families ready to help Brian reach his goals

There’s no better place to be than in the same room as Brian when he’s smiling. He knows how to light up a room! Brian’s worker describes him as being very friendly and funny.

Latelly, Brian has loved expressing his creativity through art!

Some of the things that get Brian smiling the widest are his fidget toys! He loves being able to play with and collect as many as he can. His favorite types of toys are Pop It! Fidgets and squeeze toys.

Brian loves keeping his hands busy playing with his favorite toys and activities. He also loves playing on his tablet!

In the 9th grade, Brian has been enjoying school. His worker reports that he gets really excited to go to school each day, and being at school is yet another source of smiles. She also notes that he’s very smart and learns really quickly through repetition.

A supportive, loving family of any configuration willing to help Brian succeed would be a great fit for him.

If you can see Brian in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find him the permanency that he deserves.

Could you see Brian as part of your family?