Meet Sean

Very sociable with a tremendous sense of humor, Sean is a really genuine kid; the kind of guy to help an elderly neighbor with a tough task or rescue a kitten from a tree. There’s a strong sense of independence and drive when it comes to Sean. He’s got his eyes on the future while not missing out on the present.

There are so many things that build up Sean’s world. Among his many hobbies are listening to music. Music rules Sean’s world, and he’s bound to be listening to it whenever he has the free time! His current favorite artists to listen to are Ariana Grande and Tate Mcrae. It’s so cool to see the variety in what Sean enjoys doing for fun – he's open-minded and welcoming to people, activities, and animals of all shapes and sizes.

Outdoors, Sean enjoys shooting hoops, and taking walks around the neighborhood. He’s also big into fashion trends and always makes sure his Nikes are fresh, which may necessitate a trip to the mall with his friends. Afterward, they're likely to head over to Starbucks to get something delicious to drink.

Sean also enjoys watching movies and TV shows and has lately been catching up on: The 100, Outer Banks, and his all-time favorite movie franchise, the Scream series!

In school, Sean is doing well. He enjoys spending time with his friends, and his favorite class to attend is his drama class.

When asked what they appreciate about him, Sean’s social worker and foster parents have lovely things to say. His social worker likes how very kind and helpful he is and adds that he appreciates his openness and honesty. Sean’s foster family praises Sean’s drive when it comes to his education and his ability to find a thrift shop deal. “He is really good at it!”

Sean would like potential adoptive families to know he enjoys traveling to different places and finds pets to be very comforting. He also adds that he hopes to find a family who is “not super religious, likes pets, has flexible house rules, are LGBTQIA+ friendly, and have video or computer games.”

We’re so excited to hear from families who want to learn more about Sean and the wonderful kid he is. If you can see Sean in your family, please reach out to us!

Could you see Sean as part of your family?