Meet Marshall

Please note Marshall is exploring their gender identity and name and uses she/her, he/him/ and they/them pronouns fluidly. In this narrative, we will refer to them as Marshall using they/them pronouns.

Music, dance, and martial arts are just a few of the many hobbies Marshall has in their life.

Their inquisitive spirit certainly shines through in all aspects of their life. Marshall is fun, creative, and has a great sense of humor.

Heading into 7th grade, Marshall tries their best in class and would likely benefit from the support and encouragement of a permanent family to help them succeed throughout the rest of middle and high school.

When asked what he appreciates about Marshall, their caseworker describes how Marshall is always really transparent about their thoughts and feelings. He appreciates that Marshall has a lot of passions and isn't one to sit around. His caseworker continues, adding that:

“Marshall is creative and has a really fun side. Often, they will share things in their life that bring them joy or make them laugh. It’s no surprise that Marshall has left such positive impressions on others.”

When it comes to being adopted, Marshall wants families to know they’re always doing their best and they want to find a family who will support them.

Marshall’s team is excited to hear from families who will work side-by-side with them as they work toward building the support they need to accomplish their goals. If you can see Marshall in your family, please reach out to us. They are clear about wanting to be adopted and we’re eager to help find that for them.

Could you see Marshall as part of your family?