Meet Lola

Singing, dancing, and laughing are probably the three things Lola is best known for. For Lola, singing looks like any song, any time. Same with dancing, though Lola also loves to show off her moves while playing Just Dance and other fun games. One of Lola’s favorite things to do is go shopping for wigs and high heels—she clearly has a sense for fashion!

Heading into the 8th grade, Lola has some good support in place to help her get on track and stay motivated in the classroom. What she deserves is a permanent family who will cheer her on and help her find the subjects she likes and excels at.

Friendly and funny, Lola’s caseworker says she’s easy to get along with—one of the many things she appreciates about her. Her worker adds that Lola is “engaged and open when you ask her questions.” When asked what her caregivers appreciate, the answer is close to everything. Just about everyone who meets Lola are big fans of this awesome teen.

When asked what she hopes to find in her future family, Lola says she would like to have a loving home that accepts her for who she is, and who supports her. Though her team is excited to hear from families interested in learning more about Lola, they’re particularly excited about single-mom homes, where they think Lola would thrive.