Meet Cleo

Cleo’s profile features insight from her teachers who adore her and appreciate her lively spirit and determination. They want Cleo to find permanency with a family who will “be silly with her and give her all the love she deserves”.

Playground nickname: Dare Devil
Often seen: Riding her special bike around school
Loves to: Greet everyone she sees
Who Cleo’s team is excited to connect with: A dedicated family willing to give Cleo the love and support to continue to thrive.

Energetic and adventurous, Cleo is learning and growing every day. She’s an easy-going kid who is equally happy chilling out in her swing and listening to music as she is exploring the world around her. She is getting around without her assisted walking devices more and more, and is advancing her motor skills all around. Cleo’s team is searching for a long-term home for her and is looking for an experienced family who will help her continue this growth and realize her full potential.

Cleo has a chorus of supportive adults who are eager to sing her praises. Her teachers are all very fond of her, and in turn, Cleo is very fond of them too. She loves being in school and interacting with staff and other kids.
She’s a great student who brings her teachers and peers a lot of joy.

Cleo’s teachers speak about their time knowing Cleo, what they love about her, and their hopes for her future.

Cleo thrives when following a schedule and needs regular supervision, but
she’s a great listener, follows direction, and learns what is expected of her easily. Lately her vocabulary skills have grown in leaps and bounds with the help of her speech therapist, who has also been delighted to work with Cleo and see this growth.

Cleo’s speech therapist, Lisa, talks about the growth
she’s seen in Cleo since working with her.

When it comes to an adoptive family, Cleo’s team thinks she will do well in
pretty much any family configuration.
She enjoys being around other kids and is able to build up her vocabulary by learning through their words. She does need various supports, consistency and someone who can dedicate the time to manage her schedule, but the return of her love and happy spirit is well worth it. Cleo also has a relationship with her biological mom that will be important to maintain throughout her life. Her team is excited to hear from families who can give Cleo constant care and who understands what she needs to be successful.

If you can see this wonderful kid in your family, please reach out to us. We’re excited to find her the loving, caring home she deserves.

Could you see Cleo as part of your family?