Meet Cleo

Energetic and adventurous, Cleo is up for any and everything. She’s an easy-going kid who is equally happy chilling out and listening to music as she is exploring the world around her.

Everyone is eager to sing Cleo’s praises. Her teachers are all very fond of her, and in turn, Cleo is very fond of them too. She loves being in school and will be heading into the 1st grade! She’s a great student who brings her teachers and peers a lot of joy.

When asked what they appreciate about her, both Cleo’s caseworker and foster parent have amazing things to say. Her caseworker appreciates how independent she wants to be, never held back by limitations. Truly inspiring! Her foster parent gushes that:

“Cleo is blossoming into her own personality and she is such a joy to watch.”

When it comes to an adoptive family, Cleo’s team thinks she’ll do well in pretty much any family configuration. She enjoys being around other kids and is able to build up her vocabulary by learning through their words. Cleo does have a relationship with her biological mom that will be important to maintain throughout her life. Her team is excited to hear from families who can give Cleo constant care and who understands what she needs to be successful.

If you can see this wonderful kid in your family, please reach out to us. We’re excited to find her the loving, caring home she deserves.