Meet Zeke

Zeke's profile features insight from his former case worker who knows him well and is rooting for him to find the adoptive family he deserves.
"Zeke is a hoot, one of my favorite kids I've ever worked with." - Zeke's former case worker

Passionate about: Being outside
Known for his: Curiosity
Dreams of: Camping
Wants to find: A permanent family

Get this kid outside! Anything he can do outdoors, he wants to do. Zeke is an active and super fun kid. He loves to go swimming, ride his bike or jump on the trampoline or simply go exploring. Zeke doesn’t need a specific activity to stay entertained. He’s happy running in the yard, camping, or going to the beach to just absorb some vitamin D. Zeke’s foster parents say it best: "He loves being outside; and almost everything that comes with it, from jumping in mud puddles, throwing balls, to riding his bike.” It's safe to say Zeke is really curious about his environment and likes to understand how and why things are the way they are. He’s super interested in anything that involves motion too, like buses, airplanes, and car rides.

Zeke’s positive attitude carries over into school as well where he enjoys being around his peers and loves his teachers and one on one para educator.

Zeke communicates in his own way and uses devices that help him do so. Even so, his foster parents say Zeke “loves the sound of his own voice and is working on using it for words.” Go Zeke!

When asked what he appreciates about Zeke, his caseworker says, "his curiosity and resolve,” adding that he’s a super sweet kid who makes strides in his communication and growth every day. His foster parents appreciate how Zeke “loves being around his people, and seeks them out when they've wandered too far away from him.” They add that Zeke deserves plenty of time for running, jumping, and wrestling around” to be at his happiest.

Zeke is so excited about life and adventures and deserves an adoptive family who can show him the world. His team is eager to hear from families who can keep him connected to important supports and relationships while also encouraging and celebrating Zeke to be his whole, authentic self. His team is open to hearing from all family types who have time and attention to dedicate to him.

If you’re a family who can see Zeke in your family, please reach out to us. We’re excited to help him find the permanent home he deserves.

Could you see Zeke as part of your family?