Meet Tamia

If she sets a goal, Tamia is going to achieve it. This driven kid is very goal-oriented and active when it comes to her own plans. Tamia really wants to do well and works hard to accomplish her personal goals, whether that’s in the classroom or in her day-to-day life. Tamia is friendly, very social, and really values the relationships she has in her life. And above all else, she wants to be adopted by the right family.

With a good attitude and buckets of optimism, Tamia is ready to take on the world. Currently in the 5th grade, she does pretty well in school and would benefit from the encouragement of an adoptive family. She has benefitted from tutoring in math and reading in the past and as she gets older and tackles tougher subjects, tutoring might be helpful for her again in the future. One of Tamia’s favorite parts of school is playing volleyball – her favorite sport, though she likes to play most of them!

In her free time, Tamia enjoys being outside, riding her bike, and as aforementioned, playing volleyball. Tamia also loves to sing and dance and has recently gotten interested in fashion and doing her hair. Tamia would be a great fit for a family that is active and enjoys spending quality time together, especially on outdoor adventures.

Tamia is very close with her biological brothers. An adoptive family who will honor and maintain those bonds throughout her life is important.

Tamia will do well in a family with a strong maternal influence in her life, and parent(s) that are excited to maintain her important relationships with her brothers. An understanding, mild-mannered home with fair parent(s) who will treat Tamia with respect and provide her with choices will be really great for her. Tamia has demonstrated strong growth and progress in her life and will open up to her future adoptive parents as she feels comfortable. She enjoys one-on-one time with the adults in her life and would do well with siblings around her age or older. Tamia’s culture is important to her. Though her social worker is willing to hear from all families, an adoptive family who will honor and immerse her in her African American heritage will be essential.

If you are an active family who can’t wait to go on adventures with Tamia, reach out to us. We’re excited to find her the adoptive family she deserves.

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