Meet Damian

Damian is a very easy-going and friendly little guy. He has a bright smile ready to give out to his pals. He is cautious around people he first meets, but with a bit of reassurance, he will open up to new people. He enjoys playing with new toys and loves to dance and listen to music. One of the highlights of his week is his music class that promotes stimulation and development.

Damian is continuing to get stronger and stronger over time. He is gradually developing a preference for more and more types of foods and will need a family’s encouragement to ensure healthy growth. Having a good understanding of food and growth will be a nice skill for the family who adopts Damian.

While Damian is not of school age, he does work with professionals in his home to promote developmental growth in hopes of advancing his skills and abilities. He enjoys trying to keep up with his sister as they scurry around the home exploring all the wonderful things they can experience.

Damian has two biological sisters, one of which he is especially bonded with. While his sisters’ plans are not currently adoption, a prospective adoptive family needs to be open to staying very connected and/or potentially being willing to consider also parenting and/or adopting either one or both of these children, should their plan change in the future. This sibling connection is very important for Damian. Damian has also maintained a healthy connection throughout his life with other extended relatives that desire to continue being an extended part of his family and support system, which is important for potential adoptive families to know.

An ideal family would be one that has knowledge and/or experience in advocating for a youth’s particular needs, both currently and in the future. Having experience and/or knowledge in working with multiple community partners to promote growth and development is a plus. Damian is ready for a family to provide an enriching learning environment with structure, predictability, and endless love so that his lifelong needs will be met.

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