Meet Mia, Lio, Enzo, and Miracle

Mia, Lio, Enzo, and Miracle are four awesome kids that are looking for the right adoptive family together.

Currently in the 4th grade, Mia is a super bright kid who is working hard in the classroom. She would really benefit from an adoptive family to help champion her as she continues to learn about the world around her, in and outside of school. For fun, you will most likely find Mia singing or dancing. In fact, she is frequently heard belting out music from church, no matter where she is. Additionally, she likes to color and is a really talented artist who even writes on the side. Reading stories and playing with friends are two of her other favorite things to do. Mia is great socially and always sees the best in people. She’s often the star of the group – she loves a little extra attention. Her other passion in life? Animals! Mia is so sweet and loving and very empathetic – all qualities that are extra apparent when she’s around animals. She’d love to join 4-H one day. Mia is also a super helpful. As she continues to learn how to navigate her own emotions and her relationships, an adoptive family would be a great support for her.

Lio is currently in kindergarten and the structure of the school day is really great for him. He’s starting school with a skill set that includes a few letters, numbers, and the ability to almost write his name by himself!School will be fun for him, and with the support of an adoptive family, he’ll thrive in the classroom. The things that light up Lio’s world are trucks, tractors, and cars in any form. He also really enjoys playing with Legos, which is also a great motivating tool for him. Lio gets excited at the chance to go to the pool, the fair, sporting events, or truly, anything having to do with tractors. Lio is loving and sweet and, like his sister, loves to be super helpful. He does well in social situations and shares his favorite things with his brothers.

Like their older brothers, Enzo and Miracle are all in on tractors, trucks, cars, and Legos. They both really enjoy the same community outings as Lio, as well. The fair, a sports game, the pool – these boys are excited about all of the above!

Enzo also really adores his toy dragons, something he holds close to his heart. He also enjoys dinosaur toys, of course. Enzo is loving, sweet, and affectionate and loves to play outside. He is too young for traditional school, but attends an education center where he is learning a lot! Enzo knows all of his colors and is learning how to count super high as well as recite the alphabet.

The youngest of the group, Miracle is just as loving as his siblings. He is a very affectionate kid who enjoys playing outside and is working on making friends and learning to socialize. Miracle enjoys playing in the sandbox, at the playground, or in the swimming pool.

These wonderful kids deserve the right adoptive family. Some of them are connected to their biological mother and would like to maintain that relationship for the time being. An adoptive family who can support this bond will be essential. An adoptive family who can connect with these kiddos’ culture will also be really nice for them.

Mia, Lio, Enzo, and Miracle will do best in a home with patient, kind, and communicative parents who are excited to raise these four together. Mia responds well to maternal presence, whereas Lio would do well with a paternal influence of some sort. These kids will likely thrive as the only children in the home, or of the younger siblings of much older or adult kids.

If you can see these four in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find them the adoptive family they deserve.

Could you see Mia, Lio, Enzo, and Miracle as part of your family?

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