Meet Scot and Lelana

Scot and Lelana are waiting for a loving, committed family who can provide long lasting care. While adoption is not necessarily a culturally appropriate option, the Choctaw Nation is in support of these children finding an adoptive family. At this time, only families who are enrolled Tribal members or have who strong, demonstrable Tribal connections can potentially be considered.

Scot and Lelana are two sweet siblings who are ready to find their adoptive home!

Scot is a playful kid who loves to laugh and smile with others. Always eager to learn new things, Scot is bright and intelligent which he shows off in his own way. Scot loves to read books and is already reading at a 3rd grade level! Scot always tries his best and has been described by those around him as “a free spirit.”

Lelana is a smart, curious, and sassy kid. She’s best described as a social butterfly who strives to get along with both her peers and adults. Lelana loves to be helpful with cleaning and is very sweet and empathetic towards others. Lelana often prefers to play with her toys on her own; she especially loves to play with dirt and use digging toys. It’s easy for her to spend hours outdoors exploring all that can be discovered as she digs!

Lelana and Scot have always lived together in the same home and it’s important for them to remain together. They are very loving toward one another even when there's natural sibling conflict. Scot and Lelana have both made a lot of strides since coming into care; having structure and predictable routines has greatly helped with this. Having parents who are ready to step up and be strong educational advocates for both of these kids will be vital! Scot and Lelana need skilled caregivers who are willing to meet them where they’re at, and who will support them as they continue to learn and grow at their own pace.

As enrolled members of the Choctaw Nation, with roots and a reservation in Oklahoma, Scot and Lelana need a culturally appropriate placement that can ensure ongoing engagement and connection with their ancestry. The Choctaw Nation will require a Cultural Continuity Agreement should the children be placed outside their Tribe (both non-Tribal and other Tribal homes).

Scot and Lelana have enjoyed being members of their large, busy foster family and are used to being part of a large group with a wide age range. Scot and Lelana have some family ties that they may like to maintain or further explore as they grow up. They would also like to stay connected to their current foster family if possible. Their current caregivers are open and willing to provide ongoing assistance and guidance to Scot and Lelana’s adoptive family.

Scot and Lelana deserve to grow up together with a family who can celebrate their heritage and help them continue to embrace their full potential. An experienced, patient, and understanding family will be the best fit for these two amazing kids.

Could you see Scot and Lelana as part of your family?