Meet Adrea, Aerynn, and Donald "Aaryk"

Adrea, Aerynn, and Donald (better and preferably known as "Aaryk") are an awesome sibling trio. Nothing speaks volumes like the words of youth themselves, so allow us to introduce you to Adrea, Aerynn, and Aaryk in their own words:

First up is big sister Adrea (uh-dray-uh): "I love to do track and field and cross country, along with running clubs. I also like to read and am good with little kids. I am Christian and would like to stay in a family that goes to church. My favorite food is pizza and I’m looking for a family."

Inquisitive, intelligent, observant, and witty are some of the best words to describe Adrea. Incredibly bonded to her younger siblings, Adrea feels quite protective of them. Referred to as a “quiet leader,” she is not one to beat around the bush and is often curious about what others are thinking or feeling. Adrea does very well in school and has earned numerous awards for her scholastic achievements! A voracious reader, Adrea is proud of her participation in Battle of the Books and easily surpasses the minimum reading requirement. She is looking forward to learning CPR so she can babysit to earn her own money.

Next to introduce herself is Aerynn: "I like to do gymnastics and dance. I am a self-taught gymnast and dancer. I like basketball and softball as well. I love horses and puppies. I like flowers and I love, LOVE Squishmallows. My favorite colors are pink and purple. My favorite food is fruit, especially watermelon. I love having sleepovers with my friends. I would like to go on a plane - I have never been on one. I like to go to church. I love Hello Kitties, unicorns, and crafts. I am scared of snakes and darkness. My favorite candy is cotton candy and Mike and Ikes. In my class I got voted as Miss Caring. My dream when I am older is to be a professional gymnast or dancer, and I am looking for a nice family."

Aerynn is a busy, easy-to-like kid who does it all – bring on the Girl Scouts, softball, basketball, and cross country! Particularly passionate about dance and gymnastics, Aerynn has taught herself all the moves in her repertoire. A talented artist, Aerynn also loves to participate in anything arts and crafts related. Aerynn is a hard-working, top student in all her middle school subjects who thrives on interactions with her teachers and peers. A deep and attuned feeler, Aerynn is really in touch with her feelings and will benefit from a family who celebrates all ofher successes and stays in full, supportive communication with her.

Last, but certainly not least, is younger brother, Aaryk: "School is one of my favorite things to do. At school, teachers think I am very caring. I hope you think I am very caring and kind too. I like math, recess, and P.E. I have a lot of friends. Sometimes my friends think I am very funny. I like animals and I love chess and I am very active. My favorite sport is soccer. When I grow up, I want to be an architect or a house builder. I like to do crafts. The family I’m looking for will let me do sports, mainly soccer. And a family who is caring and loving and who goes on trips and the BEST thing for me is to stay with my sisters. It will not feel like family without my sisters. And I will also want a family who lets me see my aunt.”

An excellent baker and true entertainer, Aaryk will keep you on your toes and rolling with laughter. His caregivers and sisters share they adore his homemade cinnamon rolls! Aaryk loves the outdoors and has a wide variety of activities he enjoys including gardening, camping, playing with the family animals, swimming, and sports. Aaryk is a skilled soccer player and is looking for family who will support his continued participation in his favorite sport. Aaryk also enjoys calmer moments where he can build Legos, draw, play chess, or show off his latest magic trick. Aaryk is incredibly thoughtful, kind-hearted, and genuinely cares about others. A hard-working student, Aaryk is so proud of the progress he’s made at school in the past couple of years.

Adrea, Aerynn, and Aaryk are looking for an adoptive family who honors their Christian beliefs and will support them to continue participating in church, youth group, and other faith-based practices. Adrea, Aerynn, and Aaryk have shared that they have a preference to have a mom and dad, and if possible, to be the only children in the home. They all love animals, thrive on participating in extracurricular activities, and are looking forward to having adoptive parents who will be their greatest cheerleaders and attend all their sporting events.

Adrea, Aerynn, and Aaryk have a very significant relationship with their aunt. Their aunt has been a steady presence of support in their lives and is committed to remaining regularly involved in many ways. Adrea, Aerynn, and Aaryk’s adoptive parents must be ready to wholeheartedly commit to this relationship and welcome their aunt into the family too!

A low stress home environment with structure, routine, consistency, patience, love, affection, fun, humor, and lots of time to spend together will be key for these three! Adrea, Aerynn and Aaryk need a family who understand life's challenges and is ready to meet them head on with resilience, empathy, and fun. Their adoptive parents will need endless supplies of popcorn, time and stamina for board games, sports, shopping at The Dollar Tree, trivia nights, BBQs, watching movies, getting in the holiday spirit, or applauding impromptu theater and dance shows in the living room.

If you think you could be the right family for Adrea, Aerynn, and Aaryk, please let us know! We’re excited to help these siblings find the adoptive home they deserve.

Could you see Adrea, Aerynn, and Donald "Aaryk" as part of your family?