Meet Randy and Candle

Allow us to introduce you to the dynamic sibling duo, Randy and Candle! These sweet kids are ready to find their permanent adoptive family.

Randy is described as "curious, very affectionate, and smart." An inquisitive kid, he strives to understand how the world around him works. He often jokes around and can be sweetly affectionate with others. Randy likes playing with his Legos, tablet, and watching YouTube videos that help him figure out how things work. His foster mom shares that he is an absolute whiz at putting things like Lego kits and puzzles together. Randy enjoys swinging on the playground and also likes to go swimming, but is equally happy hanging out on the couch.

Candle is known to be inquisitive, imaginative, affectionate, quirky, and happy go lucky. She loves to listen to music and play on her tablet. She also loves to swim and enjoys riding her scooter, playing with playdoh, and coloring. Candle happily swings and climbs on the backyard play structure. Candle’s foster mom shares that Candle is especially drawn to spending time in the kitchen or garden together. She is making strides in learning how to take initiative, stand up for herself, and how to bargain and negotiate with other kids her age.

Randy is now in the 2nd grade and is making good progress at school with the right supports in place. His latest report card reflects how much progress he has made in reading, writing, and math skills in particular! Candle is in the 1st grade and got great comments on her last report card too. Her teacher reported that she’s fun to have in class and gets along well with her classmates. They will both need lots of educational advocacy and ongoing support from their adoptive family to ensure they keep making good progress at school.

Randy and Candle have ongoing relationships and regular visits with a few members of their biological family. An adoptive home who will be supportive of keeping Randy and Candle connected with these biological relatives is a must! Randy and Candle also have a lot to learn about the world of food. They will benefit from a family who invites them into the kitchen to help cook, choose foods at the store, and explore new foods together.

Randy and Candle’s team is excited to hear from two-parent homes with few or no other children where they can receive plenty of attention. A patient and well-connected family who are knowledgeable about the services available in their area will be essential. Randy and Candle’s team anticipate that they’ll need a thoughtful and well-planned out transition period to settle into their new home. It will be important for Randy and Candle to feel empowered in this process, knowing they have a right to their own opinions and encouragement to vocalize their thoughts.

Randy and Candle are ready to find their dedicated adoptive parents who are ready to rally around what is best them! If you think you could be the right family, please make an inquiry today. We’re so excited to help Randy and Candle find the committed adoptive family they deserve!

Could you see Randy and Candle as part of your family?