Meet Keith

If one-on-one time is on the table, you can guarantee Keith will be there! Keith loves spending time with the people in his life that he’s close with. He especially loves having conversations with the adults in his life!

Keith’s caseworker describes him as being very compassionate and considerate of others. It’s no wonder one of Keith’s favorite pastimes is to make sure everyone around him is laughing and having a good time! Keith is very funny.

In his free time, Keith loves listening to music, playing video games—mostly Pokémon—and reading books.

When the weather is right, being outside is another thing that makes Keith happy. He loves riding his bicycle!

In the 9th grade, Keith is enjoying going to school. He continues to make great strides with his educational goals. A family who can continue to support Keith and help him achieve his goals would be the best fit for him. Keith’s team is especially excited to hear from families eager to help Keith work on his social and life skills—like finances, making big decisions, future jobs, etc.

Currently, Keith is very interested in service fields—like the military, police, and firefighters. He’d like to be a police officer some day!

Keith is eager to be adopted and to find a family that will support him throughout his life. Any family configuration will do, so long as they have the time to give Keith the one-on-one attention he deserves and wants!

Keith has important biological connections that any potential families will need to help him maintain.

Can you see Keith in your family? Please reach out to us! We’re excited to find him the adoptive home he deserves.

Could you see Keith as part of your family?