Meet Howard

Some people have just one favorite “happy place,” but Howard considers himself lucky to have many. Whether it’s jumping on the trampoline, going back and forth on the swings, or just running around outside, Howard is bound to have an excellent time in one of these beloved happy places. He also loves dancing along to music and watching movies, especially if they involve his thriving interest in superheroes! Howard has an artistic side that he expresses through coloring and painting.

Howard is friendly, affectionate, and loves to engage with others. While he can start off shy at first, he’s known to warm up quickly. Howard loves waffles and eats them almost every day for breakfast, but nothing can compare to his all-time-favorite food, Nutella! He patiently watches his foster parents as they cook and enjoys eating meals together as a family.

Howard has been making great progress with his communication skills and uses sounds, signals, and some sign language to communicate. He’s also working on communicating by using technology. Howard is in the first grade this year and loves his daily bus ride to school.

It will take Howard some time to build trust with his adoptive family, so finding a family who understands and respects this will be key. Howard does well in homes with clear expectations and with caregivers who are willing to spend a lot of one-on-one time with him. Howard has a beautiful and close relationship with his adult sister and will benefit greatly from that relationship continuing.

Howard’s team is looking for calm, mature parents who can provide him with structure and consistency, while also being flexible with what he needs in the moment. Howard would benefit from a family with strong advocacy skills who can partner with his team of adults to ensure he is getting the support he needs. If you think you could be the supportive, consistent home that Howard is looking for, please reach out and let us know! We’re excited to help Howard find the adoptive home he deserves.

Could you see Howard as part of your family?