Meet Luci

Pack your tent and sleeping bag, Luci is ready to head out on her next camping adventure! Luci loves spending her time outside. One of her favorite activities to do (especially when the weather is nice!) is riding her bike.

Everyone describes Luci as being very funny and sociable. She loves being around the people she knows best! Luci is a social butterfly and enjoys spending time with her friends. She’s often described as a big helper and loves to help those around her.

In the 5th grade, Luci loves going to school. She works hard and studies hard and has recently received an award for her GPA! Luci does well in her classes, but her current favorite is P.E., as she loves to be active and keep moving.

Luci is huge animal lover She loves all kinds of animals, and is thrilled when she gets the chance to play with them. It’s no wonder Luci imagines herself going to school to become a veterinarian someday! Luci would also be really excited to have a pet or multiple pets!

She’s open to move outside of Washington State and could be happy in the country or in the city with the right family. She’s mentioned that she’d be open to having a single mom, or being in a two-parent home. Luci is used to having siblings around, so she feels excited about possibly having other children in the home to hang out with and be around.

There are some important connections with her siblings that Luci would like to maintain. A family who is willing to help her stay in touch with these significant people in her life would be very beneficial to Luci.

We’re excited to find Luci the family she deserves. If you can see her in yours, please reach out to us!

Could you see Luci as part of your family?