Meet Hunter

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Hunter is a very energetic young guy who really enjoys playing video games or watching fun things on YouTube. Currently, he is big into farming games with his favorite being Farming Simulator and Fishing Simulator (even though he’d rather fish for real!). He wants to “make friends with someone who lives on a farm.” He enjoys the idea of working to make things grow and to reap the rewards of his labor. A Minecraft guru, Hunter can follow tutorials on how to make some very complicated environments. Recently, he has been enjoying playing Minecraft with other kids for short periods of time. Hunter is always proud of his work in these games and will show his caseworker what he has been achieving. He has also started to get big into mechanical games and semi-trucks and talks about wanting to do some sort of mechanical work when he grows up. A natural builder with an innate sense of how objects work, he is skilled at taking things apart and putting them together. So you guessed it; he is also a Lego whiz!

Outside Hunter enjoys riding his bike and scooter, including with peers. He doesn’t like to wear a helmet because he “knows how to fall” but for the most part will cooperate with the safety rules. Especially important to Hunter are his “stuffies” (stuffed animals), which provide him a lot of comfort and are often not far away from his side, including his favorite elephant. He has memories attached to these stuffies and can tell you the person who gave it to him and when. Hunter is open to trying new things and does well in a generally structured environment. He also thrives in an environment where he can relax and have down time. He really enjoys animals and hopes to take care of one on his own; his absolute favorite pet would be a kitten,especially a white fluffy one he would name Snowball. Currently, Hunter’s go to food is pancakes and he enjoys helping cook and clean.

When provided the one on one attention he deserves and needs, Hunter is very sociable with adults. While he doesn’t crack a lot of jokes himself he certainly enjoys others making jokes with him! He understands humor and is starting to understand sarcasm too. He also has a literal blast honking the car horn when its time for his caseworker to say goodbye; what a hoot! In fact, individual adult attention is one of the most important features in a family for him. Hunter makes friends, but also appreciates an adult who supports smaller group experiences. Having his own safe space in a home where he can go to is key. He really thrives when he is the only youth in a household.

Hunter is gearing up for 5th grade. He’s not a big fan of the traditional academics but seems drawn to science. He will no doubt experience so much growth and increased learning if he can be in a consistent family and school! A school environment with formal supports and accommodations will be critical for his success. He has done quite well with online work; this could be something to explore with him to help him feel confident and successful in his educational goals.

Hunter is an amazing young man with so much potential and really responds really well to praise. He is truly enjoyable to interact with and has so much character! The joy he brings to those around him is inspiring. In his future home, Hunter will appreciate consistent reminders that his family will be there for him, even when he is having a difficult time. He really values knowing that the adults who are caring for him really want to be with him.

A home where Hunter can be the only child has by far been the most successful for him. He thrives on structure, consistency, stability and parents who can be his champions and advocates. A family that will support continued contact with his prior foster family is also important.

Hunter wants a family that will be there for him, day after day. He would like a home that has animals that he can take care of. Are you up for sharing your favorite pancake recipe with a fan? Do you like to fish and farm for real? (Or at least fish and farm online?) Will you be the one to give Hunter his newest and favorite stuffie? There is so much more Hunter would love to explore and enjoy about the family life he has not yet known....potentially with you.

Could you see Hunter as part of your family?