Meet Justin

Social butterfly coming through! Justin is always down to hang out, have a conversation, and make people laugh. He is quick to make friends and loves doing just about any social activity! Quality time with the important people in his life is one of Justin’s favorite things.

When indoors, some of Justin’s favorite activities are reading a good book, watching shows on TV (especially if it’s Disney channel), and playing with any sort of toy or fidget! He also loves showing off his creative side and has a magnet drawing board that he keeps on him most times that he loves to draw with.

Justin has been making great strides with his mobility! A family who will continue to be medical advocates for Justin and help him continue to meet his goals would be in his best interest. He also has been making advancements in his communication and is great at utilizing signs and pointing toward his needs.

In school, Justin thrives with individualized instruction and attention. He really enjoys his school setting! As an early riser, he is always up and ready to go, but is also patient enough to wait for the rest of the house to catch up!

Justin’s team would be excited to hear from families willing to help Justin learn about his Native heritage and help him find opportunities to connect with it.

Justin will thrive with a consistent routine and with caregivers ready to continually support his growth and development throughout his life.

Can you see Justin in your family? Reach out to us! We’re excited to find him the adoptive family that he deserves.

Could you see Justin as part of your family?