Meet Kingztin

A super sharp kid who’s able to pick up on new things in a jiffy, Kingztin is an awesome kid who is looking for the right adoptive family to welcome him into their home. Hilarious with a great sense of humor, you can always count on Kingztin to have a witty or sarcastic comment at the ready.

A big animal lover, Kingztin would be delighted to live in a home with multiple pets. He’s especially eager to have a dog, or more than one dog! He’s such a loving person who is always extra conscious about showing respect and care for animals.

No matter what he’s up to, Kingztin is having fun. He’s super active and loves riding his bike, going shopping, watching movies, or playing video games. He’s also really into music and is learning how to play the piano and the drums. Music is soothing for Kingztin, who finds a lot of value in learning more about it.

Currently in the 5th grade, Kingztin’s favorite subjects are science and geography. He’s got his sights set on becoming a veterinarian someday, though if that doesn’t work out, he might look into becoming a chemist or a scientist. He does his best in and outside of the classroom with lots of one-on-one attention from the adults in his life. It’s important that Kingztin feels special and gets the extra attention he deserves.

The adults in Kingztin’s life have so many great things to share about him. He’s everyone’s favorite at his house and makes them all laugh every day by doing something goofy like blinging himself out with jewelry out of the blue. His social worker appreciates how, no matter what, Kingztin has a positive attitude and a great sense of humor. He doesn’t give up easily and is always determined and willing to share. Recently, Kingztin broke his bike and was able to get a new one, though the one he received was just a bit too big for him. Instead of being upset, he decided another kid in his home could use the bike until he was able to grow into it.

Kingztin would like to share a few things about himself, as well, most important that he loves to eat at Panda Express. He wants families to know he loves video games, computers, TV, and music, in fact, he has an mp3 player with a vast collection of music he loves to listen to as often as possible. He also collects stuffed animals and is currently really interested in Egypt. And one more thing, he’d love his future family to have two dogs.

Kingztin’s team is eager to hear from families who are ready to meet him where he’s at and get to know all about what a great kid he is. If you are a family who loves dogs and can provide a loving, supportive home for Kingztin, please reach out!

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