Meet Madison

A very artistic kid, Madison just absolutely loves art. She can draw "magnificently" for hours at a time, and is usually drawing storyboards in the style of comics. All of her drawings are always done freehand and usually feature her favorite cartoon characters and animals, like The Powerpuff Girls and characters from Angry Birds.

Her favorite characters really mean a lot to Madison, and not just when it comes to art. She loves to play with her My Little Pony toys, and her LEGOs of course, but her very favorite character right now is Minnie Mouse. Madison tends to take on the persona of her favorite characters and while the ponies will make an appearance, right now it is all about Minnie. Madison is very proud of her polka dot dress and matching bow that make her feel just like Minnie Mouse – it is her outfit of choice most days! She also loves to listen to music and really enjoys musicals.

Hanging outside is fun for Madison, as well. She’s currently in a home with a trampoline, which is a ton of fun, and she also enjoys outings in general, like camping. Madison has also recently started to enjoy playing with other kids, rather than just being beside them. She’s been enjoying tag lately! Madison is really loving and affectionate to the people closest to her.

When it comes to a fun project in the kitchen, Madison wants to be involved. She’s super helpful and especially enjoys cooking. In fact, Madison likes to set out every ingredient that the recipe calls for, without even being asked! It’s best to have everything all prepared before diving in.

Currently in the 8th grade, Madison is thriving in the world of online school. Madison is computer savvy and finds this way of learning very helpful. Madison uses apps well, is a champion speller, and is still able to receive one-on-one support from a mentor at school. Next year will be high school for Madison; an adoptive family to help encourage her through that exciting transition would be very helpful!

Madison is able to communicate her needs, wishes, and likes to the people around her via picture communication, sign language, and her own system to represent her feelings. The best way for her to express herself is through the language of color. For example, the color yellow means Madison is happy; the color green means she’s disgusted! (Maybe inspired by the movie Inside Out?)

Clearly an innovative thinker, Madison took it upon herself to write a Christmas list of everything she hoped to receive this year. Sometimes, one piece of paper just isn’t enough, though. To solve this problem, Madison stapled together a bunch of papers and ended up with a 20-30 foot long Christmas list. Dream big! (Should be noted that everything was spelled correctly with no help from an adult!)

An adoptive family who is tuned into Madison’s needs and is able to engage with her in a way that makes her feel supported, heard, and understood will be ideal for Madison. She will do well in most family configurations. The best adoptive family for Madison will be a family who can set boundaries, be consistent and patient, and love Madison big time.

If you can see Madison in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find her the adoptive family she deserves.

Could you see Madison as part of your family?