Meet Jayden

Jayden is already ready to crack a joke, tell a funny story, and put smiles onto everyone’s faces. His caregivers describe him as having a great sense of humor, and that he is someone who is always trying to make others laugh.

There are a lot of things that Jayden likes to do to keep busy these days, but being active and getting to play outside is definitely near the top of the list! He loves just about any outdoor activity—from riding his bike to playing with the dogs where he’s at.

In the 6th grade, Jayden has been making awesome improvements in school! A family willing to help Jayden continue to grow and advance academically would be highly beneficial for him. It’s also no surprise that this active youth’s favorite subject in school right now is PE!

When he’s inside, Jayden loves playing Pokémon. It’s one of his favorite games ever! Tapping into his creative and imaginative side, Jayden loves playing “make believe” with his favorite Pokémon characters and pretending to battle with them. He’s very smart and quick to help anyone interested understand the rules of his game and how to use each of the characters.

When he’s not busy teaching people about Pokémon, he also loves playing with LEGOs, watching the latest Avatar the Last Airbender episode, or drawing characters from his favorite shows and games.

Jayden is really appreciative of getting to spend quality time with people. He especially loves interacting with the adults and older youth in his life. His caregivers describe him as goofy and energetic, and mention that he loves being involved with family activities (and especially being read to!).

Jayden is excited to find a family willing to play games with him, watch his favorite shows with him, and overall, just spend time with him! His team is hopeful to find a family that is able to help Jayden maintain a routine and schedule that will allow him to continue to grow and flourish. Any family configuration will do, but Jayden does particularly well with male caregivers.

Can you see Jayden in your family? Reach out to us! We’re excited to find Jayden the permanent home and support that he deserves.

Could you see Jayden as part of your family?