Meet Collin

Collin is excited to share some of his story through our In-Depth Profiles, a NWAE project that engages youth to share directly with potential adoptive families. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles™.

Cares for: All animals (especially bunnies)
Enjoys: Learning how things work
Always down to: Strike up conversation
Looking for: An adoptive family

Some people like to take life slow, enjoying the little moments, savoring the indoors and reveling in relaxation. And some people are the opposite of that; energetic and lively, always ready to move, move, move. People who thrive on being busy and enjoy the stimulation of the outdoors and the general thrill of being active.

Collin is the latter, the “always busy” type. You will rarely see him sitting still, except when it comes to video games, naturally. Collin enjoys playing any and all sports. He likes to be outside, where his energetic spirit truly blooms. He loves to go fishing. He loves to swim. He’s passionate about caring for animals. He’s fascinated by planes. He absolutely loves music.

Collin's social worker shares her favorite things about Collin, some memories from their last trip, and her hopes for his future.

Collin loves to help others, which includes preparing family meals, which has spurred his interest in cooking. Helping out with meal prep and learning more about cooking is something Collin may want to explore in the future. He also enjoys helping out with the many farm animals at his current home. He’d love to keep learning about raising chickens and rabbits.

Collin baking cookies and a cake. His foster parent says he loves cooking.

In school, Collin does his best work when he’s got a lot of great, motivating support. Having a good relationship with his teacher(s) is super helpful, as is having mentors available for his need. Learning
how to navigate the social aspect of school doesn’t always come easy for Collin but again, with the right support and guidance, he’ll go far. The structure and support of an adoptive family will be so beneficial for his present and future.

Collin’s team is excited to hear from active families who will welcome Collin and his endless drive with open arms. A family who enjoys hiking, playing sports, and being outdoors would be awesome. Besides being active, Collin’s team hopes to hear from experienced, patient, nurturing households. He’ll likely do best as an only child or as the youngest of older siblings. He’s also close with a couple of his relatives and it is extremely important to him to maintain those relationships. An adoptive family’s support and patience during transitional periods and with school will be super beneficial for Collin.

If you are interested in learning more or adopting Collin, please let us know. We would love to find this effervescent kid the adoptive family he deserves.

Beyond the Profile: Collin is a ball of energy and he definitely kept me on my toes when we were working on his project together! We zipped from topic to topic in classic Collin-fashion—fast-paced and full of energy! One thing that continually came up is Collin's love for animals. You can tell how much he cares for them, and I can certainly see him in a house full of animals some day! Collin is an extrovert to a T, and it hardly took any time at all to have him cracking jokes and smiling. I'm hopeful the perfect family will come along and match Collin's zest for life and go-getter attitude.

- Kailee Haong, Youth Engagement Specialist

Could you see Collin as part of your family?