Meet Kylee

Get ready to move! Kylee loves all sorts of activities, especially when they involve playing outside. Active and energetic, she enjoys playing soccer and basketball, as well as riding her bike.

When she’s not outside, there are plenty of things indoors to keep her attention and company, too! Kylee is very creative and loves drawing. She’s also down to curl up with a good book and read (especially if it’s a mystery book!).

In school Kylee loves reading, doing puzzles, and working on anything that challenges her mind. She loves learning new things and continues to excel in several subjects! Kylee already has her sights set on her future, dreaming about going to college, and maybe studying forensic science as a major! A family that will continue to nurture Kylee’s love for academics and support her future goals would be in her best interest.

Kylee’s caregivers describe her as insightful, energetic, and being someone who truly knows herself! A calm, consistent family environment will help Kylee thrive.

When asked about what she’s looking for, Kylee has expressed an interest in living on a farm! She’s a big animal lover and would love to have just about anything as a pet (dogs, cats, horses). She’s already decided she would name her horse Caramel!

Any family configuration will do, as long as they can provide Kylee with the time and attention that she wants and deserves. Kylee is interested in having siblings, too!

Kylee has expressed her desire to find a family who will continue to support her into her adulthood. She would love to find a family who she can return to and visit—even when she’s grown!

Can you see Kylee in your family? Reach out to us! We’re excited to find her the adoptive family that she deserves.

Could you see Kylee as part of your family?