Meet Andy "Adrien"

"I have the maturity of a 40-year-old." ;) ~Adrien

Game on! Adrien is an inventive, versatile kid who likes arts and crafts, playing board games like chess, Clue, and Go Fish, any type of fidget spinner, and deciphering Perplexus toys. Don't walk into a game with Adrien expecting you'll win - he’s become quite the budding card shark! Adrien is also athletic and likes to play sports. His favorites are swimming, basketball, and football.

When he isn’t playing sports himself, Adrien enjoys rooting for the Portland Trail Blazers and the Oregon Ducks. He prides himself on being a builder and has fun creating structures with Legos, especially Harry Potter or Marvel sets as those are his favorite movies. A voracious reader, he devours books such as Wings of Fire, Terrible Twos, and of course Harry Potter. He is an animal lover and does very well with them.

Adrien is interested in growing his skills in the kitchen. He likes cooking and wants to learn how to make homemade chicken tikka masala! Adrien delights in sharing meals and connecting with the people he cares about over delicious food.

A sharp kid, Adrien is doing very well in school. Math is Adrien’s favorite subject because “I enjoy numbers and am good with them.” He likes to show off his mathematical prowess by doing five digit by digits multiplication problems by hand! He would thrive in an educational setting where there are clear boundaries and expectations. He deserves adoptive parents who will be ready to provide opportunities for him to continue to advance and excel academically!

At this time, Adrien has a primary support network he has formed positive and strong relationships in. Adrien maintains some contact with a few biological family members that he may be interested in continuing relationships with. A well-structured home with clear expectations will allow Adrien to thrive and grow. Adrien is looking to build strong, lasting relationships. He needs to know that his adoptive parents are willing to step up for him and truly be there for him, for good. Adrien's team thinks that he would do well in a home with at least one positive paternal role model for him to look up to.

Adrien will do well with parents who will provide him with positive feedback and work diligently to help Adrien build his self-confidence. Families of all makeups are encouraged to reach out to see if they could be a good match for this amazing kid! Adrien deeply desires a family who will love him and be there for him in the long-term. He just wants someone to care for, love, and delight in him for who he is. He deserves this, and so much more! We can't wait to hear from you if you think you could be the right family for Adrien.

Could you see Andy "Adrien" as part of your family?