Meet Andy

Game on! Are you ready to play by Andy’s rules? Andy is an inventive, versatile kid who likes arts and crafts, playing board games like chess, Clue, and Go Fish, or deciphering Perplexus toys. He enjoys coming up with his own “Andy’s rules” to the board games he plays, as well as outdoor games that he likes to come up with. An active and on-the-go type of kid, Andy loves to play sports. His top picks are baseball, basketball, and football. His favorite NFL team is the Miami Dolphins and he adores the Ducks for college football, especially Justin Herbert. While he likes whiffle ball, he really hopes he can keep up with playing baseball. It’s thought that Andy would do great in an organized group sport or two where he can focus his energy and be a part of a team. Andy is a builder and has fun creating structures with Legos, especially when it comes to Harry Potter or Toy Story sets. He likes reading various books, such as Harry Potter, the Warriors series (a series about clans of warrior cats), and the Ricky Ricotta’s Mighty Robot series. Andy is clearly a Harry Potter movie fan, but also has a soft spot for Mickey Mouse. Andy enjoys goofing around with others and is quick to make himself and others laugh. His most recent interest is in musicals, such as The Greatest Showman. He is curious about instruments and enjoys strumming on a guitar.

Andy’s favorite food is spaghetti with meatballs, but he also adores breakfast food such as blueberry pancakes, chocolate chip waffles, French toast, and cereal. His go-to snack is “ants on a log” (celery sticks with peanut butter and raisins on top), as well as any kind of granola bars. His least favorite foods include mushrooms, broccoli, or seafood of any kind. One recipe that Andy would like to learn how to make is “no bake energy balls.” His favorite restaurants are Red Robin, Izzy’s and Denny’s.

Math is Andy’s favorite subject at school because “I enjoy numbers and am good with them.” He would thrive in an educational setting where there are clear boundaries and expectations. He deserves adoptive parents who will be ready to provide opportunities for him to continue to advance and excel academically!

At this time, Andy has a primary support network he has formed positive and strong relationships in. He also has some relatives that he could potentially be interested in reconnecting with in the future. Andy deserves an adoptive family that knows the importance of maintaining his pre-existing connections. A well-structured home with clear expectations will allow Andy to thrive and grow. Andy is looking to build strong, lasting relationships. He needs to know that his adoptive parents are willing to step up for him and truly be there for him, for good.

Andy will do well in a family with parents who will provide positive feedback and work diligently to help Andy build his self-confidence. Andy is ready to create his own identity, culture, and new traditions with his adoptive family. Andy may have a few seasonal traditions he would like to continue. Andy’s dream is to savor family togetherness, such as having family gatherings and looking at Christmas lights in the car on Christmas Eve. An animal lover, he would love to have a dog in the home, but also adores horses, cats, and cows. Andy has reported wanting a two-father home, but is not picky when it comes to what his adoptive family might look like. He just wants someone to care for, love, and delight in him for who he is.

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