Meet Parker

With an imagination as big as Parker’s, dreaming is an adventure. Parker spends much of his energy creating – everything from the written word to unique illustrations. He’s a fantastic artist and his foster mom says that she can “totally see him becoming an illustrator for books.” If you chat with Parker, the idea of making his own comics will most likely come up. He’s really into fantasy stories like Harry Potter, his favorite, as well as Iron Man and Spider-Man – great inspirations for the comic books Parker may just create in the future.

Currently in the 8th grade, Parker is a really intelligent kid who thrives when he is truly challenged. An adoptive family who can encourage and support him as he navigates his education would be a great fit for him.

Parker has a lot of other interests including reading books, writing short stories, doing origami, solving puzzles, anime, and playing video games. He’s really fascinated by various cultures and would love to get to know more about the experiences of people around the world. Parker enjoys Magic: The Gathering and is excited to continue to learn more about strategy games.

As he continues to learn more about the world around him, Parker would really benefit from the right adoptive family. Parker is continually working on his social skills and learning more about how to connect with his peers, though he’s definitely a people person and tends to be very friendly and social.

Parker is a great kid who is kind, caring, and friendly. His team thinks he'll do best in a home with two experienced parents or a strong single parent. Parker has said he'd prefer to be the only child, though he's mentioned that having a much older brother would be fun too. Parker would really like a family to take their time with him and really get to know him and listen to him and help him with his homework. And we think he deserves that.

If you can envision Parker in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find him the permanent home he deserves.