Meet Moses

Moses is a very sweet and fun kid. He has so many things in his life that bring him joy, like sequin pillows and blankets, his biggest, coziest stuffed animals, and strings of plastic beads and glittering lights. Moses enjoys playing outside, especially if it means he gets to splash around in water or toss some sand up into the air. One of his very favorite things to do in the great outdoors is dig through the dirt. How else can you find the good worms, the interesting rocks, the deep roots of a flower? Moses certainly doesn’t mind getting a bit dirty. Being outside is comforting, refreshing, and fun for Moses. Head to the beach and play in the sand – nothing is better!

Indoors, Moses’s favorite thing to do is eat. Moses continues to practice his signs and can communicate better and better all the time, especially regarding food. Moses responds really positively to people in his life that he is familiar with and just loves to laugh. He also enjoys music and movies and really likes to spend time playing with his indoor swing.

Currently in the 4th grade, Moses does well in his classroom environment. He likes to learn and with the support and guidance of his teachers and mentors, he’s able to do well. Routine, structure, and repetition are key in helping Moses reach his full potential in class.

Moses would do really well with an adoptive family who is patient, experienced, and loving. A family with a large, safe back yard and a bedroom just for Moses would be a really great fit. Moses is currently really close to his foster family and may want to keep in touch when he moves into his adoptive home. A family who can encourage that relationship would be appreciated! Moses would also do well with younger or older sisters to provide him with companionship and guidance. Moses is a great kid who would love a family to provide him the care, love, and attention he needs throughout his life.

If you can see Moses in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

Could you see Moses as part of your family?

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