Meet Kyrie

Imaginative and creative, Kyrie is a magical kid who deserves the love of an adoptive family. Her creativity is maybe best expressed when she is playing with her My Little Pony dolls. Kyrie loves any and everything My Little Pony, from playing with the toys to watching the show or movies. Generally speaking, Kyrie loves watching movies and also really enjoys the Disney classic Pocahontas.

Just as good at expressing her physical energy as she is her creative energy, Kyrie is a great swimmer (she loves the water in general!) and also really enjoys walking, swinging, and playing basketball. As she continues to learn what it takes to make friends and be a social person, Kyrie would really do well with an adoptive family who can help mentor and guide her through these aspects of life.

With extra time and support from her teacher and mentors, Kylie does well in her educational structure. An adoptive family who is excited to help keep Kyrie motivated and on task as she studies will be a great benefit for her.

What Kyrie loves the most is listening to music and dancing it out. Nothing makes her happier – it’s her go to motivating activity.

Kyrie has a really close relationship with her great grandparents and would like to maintain that bond throughout her life. An adoptive family who is supportive of those bonds will be essential.

An experienced and supportive adoptive family who has plenty of time to spend with Kyrie will be the best fit for her. Kyrie deserves a very special adoptive family who can provide firm reminders and help her set boundaries when she needs them. Most importantly, Kyrie deserves an adoptive family who will support her through thick and thin.

Kyrie would do great with adoptive parent(s) who are supportive, encouraging, and experienced. She would do best as an only child or with one or two much older sisters in the home. Kyrie also really likes animals and in the past has benefitted from spending time with dogs and horses, both which are great at helping her work through her emotions. She talks about dogs all the time and would be open to living with a family who can teach her more about loving and caring for pets.

If you can see Kyrie in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find her the adoptive family she deserves.