Meet Lexi

If you ask Lexi’s foster family about him, they will tell you that he is “well-behaved, kind, and sweet.” This engaging kid would like to be adopted by the right family; a family who can support him through his educational future and can encourage him to continue to learn and grow.

Currently in the 3rd grade, Lexi does best in a small group environment with solid one-on-one attention. He has a few key educational advocates that encourage him, but he will do really well with an adoptive family who can give him support in and outside of the classroom.

We could tell you all about Lexi’s love of straws and laminated paper, but instead, we’ll let Lexi tell you himself. Lexi worked on this list with his caregiver and we're excited to share with families!

All About Me

  • I really like:
    • Playing with things that dangle.
    • Fidgets.
    • Straws.
    • Park swings.
    • Holding people’s hands.
    • Laminated paper.
    • Tearing up pieces of paper into little tiny pieces.
  • Room that I will be sleeping in:
    • I like to sometimes disassemble my bed and other things in my bedroom.
    • I like to sleep with my weighted blanket.
  • Eating:
    • I like to eat noodles, chicken nuggets, fruit, veggies, mashed potatoes, and fries.
    • I don’t usually like to eat really soft things.
  • School:
    • My teacher likes to use a penny board to keep me on task or motivate me to do tasks. She will give me a penny for my penny board or raisins.
  • Communication:
    • I like to use my iPad, sign language, tapping, and words like “more, please, and thank you” to communicate.
  • Calmers:
    • I like people to use a calm soft voice when they talk to me.
    • I don’t like loud noises, but I do ok with environments with lots of noise. I will cover my ears if it gets too loud.

Lexi will do well in any family configuration. His worker especially wants to hear from experienced adoptive families that will spend quality time with him while being patient, understanding, and communicative.

Lexi is an engaging, bright, intuitive kid who would really like to find the right adoptive family. If you can see Lexi in yours, reach out to us! We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves

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