Meet Lexi

We're excited to highlight some of Imani's story through our In-Depth Profiles, an NWAE project that engages youth to share directly to potential adoptive families. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles.

Known for: Putting everyone in a good mood
Likes to be: Outside on his swing
Always wants to: Hold your hand
Hoping to find: An adoptive family

With his bright smile and kind soul, Lexi is really someone special. Quick to greet with a big hug, he exudes energy and life into any environment. His former foster mom praises Lexi for being well-behaved, kind, and sweet, and anyone who has met him strongly agrees. Recently, Lexi has been making awesome progress in his communication and with some of his personal goals around life skills. A future adoptive family who can pick up where Lexi is at while encouraging him to continue to learn and grow with the world around him would be a great addition to his life.

Royce reflects on his past three years with Lexi, and shares some of his favorite things about working with and knowing Lexi.

One of Lexi’s favorite things to do is play outside, especially at the park. He really lights up when he gets to fly high, high in the air on the swings. He’s a super active kid who prefers playing with friends as often as possible! There are so many things Lexi likes: playing with interesting toys, swings at the park, holding someone’s hand, straws, laminated paper, sleeping with his weighted blanket.

An adoptive family who can share in his joy of all things is just what Lexi deserves. He mostly uses his iPad and sign language to communicate and prefers calm caregivers, though he does okay in a noisy environment from time to time!

Working with Lexi and spending time with him is a treasure. He's just about the best person you'll ever know. - Royce, Lexi's caregiver.

Currently in the 6
th grade, Lexi does best in a small group environment with solid one-on-one attention. He has a few key educational advocates that encourage him, but he will do really well with an adoptive family who can give him support in and outside of the classroom.

He really fills a house with joy. - Chris, Lexi's caregiver

Lexi has worked hard on learning to take time to himself when he needs to. His team is eager to hear from experienced adoptive families who will meet him where he’s at while spending a lot of loving, quality time with him. He'
s an engaging, bright, intuitive kid who would really like to find the right adoptive family. If you can see Lexi in yours, reach out to us! We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

Beyond the Profile: From the moment I walked through the door and saw Lexi for the first time, he had a huge smile on his face. Much like the people who know him best describe, this kid is always smiling. His joy for one of the simplest things in life—being around the people he loves—is totally evident. Lexi is truly a wonderful kid, and that became clear to me as I spoke with the people who care for him on a daily basis. They were eager to sing their praises about Lexi, and so am I. I'm hopeful that he gets the chance to be a "great member of the family," as Royce says, with an adoptive family out there who could use someone ready to bring constant smiles and laughter.

-Kailee Haong, Youth Engagement Specialist