Meet Evan

We're excited to highlight some of Evan's story through our In-Depth Profiles, an NWAE project that engages youth to share directly to potential adoptive families. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles.

Loves: Super hero movies
Can teach you about: Riding quads
Great at: Making people smile
Wants to find: A permanent family

Having a positive outlook on life is something that should be cherished – a quality that doesn’t come easily to everyone. Evan's compassionate heart radiates warmth. He is, as people who know him can attest, an all-around awesome kid who is full of smiles.

Evan is affectionate and supportive, always quick to give a big hug and help out around the house. He’s adaptable – he enjoys everything from helping in the kitchen to working outside on the lawn and learning about tools. He has a silly laugh and a charming smile to match his goofy personality.

On his long list of favorite things to do, getting outdoors is up at the top. Evan appreciates being outside
and would really like to expand his mind and try new things. Camping is something Evan has enjoyed in the past and would love to do more of with a future adoptive family. Evan also has a blast fishing, and as he is quick to point out, riding quads is his favorite thing to do!

Currently in 10th grade, Evan is growing in leaps and bounds! He's learning all sorts of important life skills in his homeroom class, from cooking for himself, to doing his own laundry. He really enjoys school and makes friends with everyone he meets. He really enjoys classes where he gets to build and create things, and really loves the gardening program.

An adoptive family who prioritizes and takes education seriously while providing Evan with positive supervision and a lifelong loving, supportive environment will help this great kid reach his potential.

Evan’s team believes he would do best in an adoptive home with parent(s) that are committed to spending a lot of quality time with him as he continues to make progress learning about the world around him. Any family configuration will work for Evan, and having a solid support system around him, augmented by other family, friends, and community resources will ensure Evan continues to thrive. Evan loves one-on-one attention but would be happy with supportive older kids in the home. (He’s quite social!)

Evan is a sincere, silly kid with a big heart who needs a patient, permanent family. If you can see Evan in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

Beyond the Profile: The first thing I noticed about Evan when I began collaborating with him on his In-Depth Profile was his huge smile, and I quickly learned that smile really encapsulates who he is. I got to spend a lot of time with Evan in his classroom, and watching him interacting with his classmates and teachers was so much fun. He is quick to offer help where needed, give words of encouragement, and make everyone laugh with his witty jokes. Everyone seemed to be Evan’s best friend, students and teachers alike! I had some great conversations with Evan about all of the things he’s learning and his favorite activities which he spoke about with great enthusiasm. Initially, when I asked Evan if he wanted to make a video for his In-Depth Profile, he was hesitant about being on camera. But when the topic came up again and I inadvertently said, “make a movie” he lit up with excitement and wanted to start right away. Having already heard about his passion for working in the school greenhouse, we agreed that “making a movie” to showcase all of the cool work he’s doing there was the way to go. I loved seeing Evan’s excitement working with the plants and using the tools in the greenhouse. He was so eager to make sure we captured all of his favorite things that at one point it was obvious that he needed to be holding the camera, which really delighted him. He took some great footage of his favorite flowers, the vegetable starts he had helped plant, and even interviewed some of his friends about the work they were doing. Evan loved seeing his finished profile, and the videos, eh’hem, MOVIES he made, and couldn’t wait for them to be published for potential families to see. Now I can't wait for that perfect family to see Evan's profile and reach out about including him in their lives.

~ Ginger Seslar, Youth Engagement Specialist

Could you see Evan as part of your family?