Meet Zahler

Gamers, unite! If we’re talking video games, you can count on Zahler to be interested in just about anything he can come across on a Nintendo Switch or Xbox. Off screen, Zahler is also a board game fan. He loves keeping his mind active whether that’s creating, strategizing, building—you name it! His favorite board game is Dice.

Zahler also likes to keep active and moving. He’s a big fan of the trampoline (and is probably perfecting his best jump right at this moment)! Bubbles and drones keep him busy when he’s outdoors, too. His worker has also described him as a “foodie,” and into music.

In the 8th grade, Zahler has really been enjoying his school year! One subject he’s taken a particular interest in this year has been math. He loves solving problems and learning! As an active youth, you can bet Zahler also loves getting all of his energy out in PE! His worker reports that he is well loved by his peers and teachers at school.

As Zahler enters the teenage years, he’s been excellent at learning how to set boundaries for himself, share his feelings, and show how much he cares for others. His worker describes him as being very smart, caring, and able to focus on the positive.

A patient family with the time and attention to dedicate to Zahler would be the best fit for him. Someone to show up and be there and meet Zahler where he’s at. Zahler’s team would love to hear from families with any sort of configuration but believes that two parents would suit Zahler’s needs well.

Zahler would love to have his very own room, but he is also amenable to sharing so long as he gets along well with any other youth he’d be sharing with.

Zahler would do well with a family who can provide him with structure, love, and attentive care. A family with some experience and commitment to spending lots of quality time with Zahler and helping him as he progresses in life and in the world would be a great fit.

If you can see Zahler in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find him the permanent home and support that he deserves.

Could you see Zahler as part of your family?