Meet Zoie

Super chatty and very sweet, especially once you’ve built up a good rapport with her, Zoie is an awesome kid looking for a permanent home and family. Sociable and friendly, Zoie is very kind to everyone, and enjoys meeting new people.

Currently in the 6th grade, she gets along with her peers well which is unsurprising considering the qualities we’ve shared about her so far. At school, Zoie enjoys learning about history. She also enjoys reading!

For fun, Zoie likes to get outside and stay active. Playing outside is a favorite thing to do, and she’s not picky about the activity as long as it’s outside.

When indoors, Zoie is always up for a board game night, especially if it’s Monopoly. You can also often find her rooting for the Seattle Seahawks on game day. As far as indoor activities go, Zoie is happy to curl up with her tablet and play some of her favorite games. Her current favorite game to play on her tablet is Talking Angela, a game about cats!

When asked what kind of family Zoie is looking for, she mentions that a family who likes to play outdoors would be great. Of course! She adds that she likes animals but not farm animals and would like for there to be other kids in the home, though she’s flexible about that.

Even though she’s eager to be adopted, Zoie wants families to know she’d like to continue having a relationship with her older sister. A family who can help Zoie maintain this important relationship throughout her life will be in Zoie’s best interest.

While Zoie does love to be around all of the important people in her life, it can take her some time to develop a trusting relationship with new people. Families who can meet Zoie where she’s at and help her with a slow transition into their home, would benefit Zoie.

If you can see Zoie in your family, please reach out. We’re excited to find her the outdoorsy adoptive family she deserves.

Could you see Zoie as part of your family?