Meet Imani

Imani brightens up every room, which is hardly an exaggeration. She’s as sweet as they come and doesn’t take the simpler things in life for granted, like hopping in the car and going for a drive. There’s something invigorating about the sense of adventure that accompanies a car ride. Imani likes being in charge of putting on her own seatbelt and is really calmed by the journey. And what makes a car ride even more fun? Music, of course! Turn up the jams – Imani loves to rock out.

She also enjoys being in school and is motivated by her classroom environment. Imani likes to learn and is encouraged by her teachers and mentors.

When she isn’t in class or enjoying a relaxing car ride, Imani really enjoys going to the park. Being able to run around and play outside at the local park is a really great experience for her. The combination of fresh air and the chance to interact with the outdoors are really important for her happiness, especially with friends if she’s feeling social. Imani also cherishes her toys.

Though Imani relies on the care of adults in her life, she’s also learned how to tackle a lot of daily habits on her own. She’s big on routines and does well when she’s able to stick to one. She’s also made a lot of progress in her sign language and has learned so much about how to communicate her needs.

A previous social worker of Imani's sits down to share three of her favorite things about Imani!

Imani’s team is excited to hear from families with a lot of parenting experience and love in their hearts. They think a patient family with the ability to provide direct support and attention to Imani would be a great fit. Imani will really appreciate adoptive parents who enjoy quality time – she enjoys connecting with adults. Additionally, Imani has a good relationship with her biological sister. A family who is open to nourishing that bond is essential.

If you’re interested in learning more about this loving, hilarious kid, please let us know! We’re excited to find the right adoptive family for Imani.

Could you see Imani as part of your family?