Meet Taylor

Taylor is excited to share some of his story through our In-Depth Profiles, a NWAE project that empowers teens to speak directly to potential adoptive families. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles.

Wants to learn:How to “build with wood”
Recommends: That families have cats & dogs (just in general)
Looking for a family: That will “take time and effort to help me out”
Hoping to someday be: A skilled carpenter

Taylor loves Batman. Why? Because “he never gives up."

But it’s not just superhero stories that he’s into – Taylor loves many different books, graphic novels, and comics. You’re likely to find him either reading a story or making one! Through his graphic novels and comics, you can see the dedication to what he loves. There are even more interests that expand from his artist’s sketchbook, including anime. He’s big into anime and has even joined a weekly anime group where he and his friends can discuss their favorite thing.

An animal lover through and through, Taylor definitely enjoys spending lots of time at the animal shelter, and if he could, he’d spend even more time there. He loves going to the shelter to spend time with the dogs and cats. While he has a slight preference for cats and smaller dogs, he’s still quick to make friends with even the largest and slobberiest of the K9s!

When he isn’t reading, drawing, or cuddling pets you might find Taylor swimming, enjoying a good video game, or baking. Yes, baking! Taylor knows how to bake and his specialties are chocolate chip and sugar cookies. One of his best baking memories was with his grandmother, who is still a support in Taylor’s life. They took blackberries right from the bush and transformed them into a delicious cobbler. This is for sure something Taylor would love to learn to do again!

Taylor is also very drawn to the unexplored wonders of the outdoors. He absolutely loves to be outside and to explore – he’s even ready to expertly craft a campfire. He’d love to have help developing this skill! But watch out - he really doesn’t like bugs of any kind. Still, Taylor says that it would be a real treat to go on family camping trips. Taylor has also expressed interest in attending summer camps too, which would be a great experience to increase his social range and introduce him to new people.

With recent, confidence-boosting success in writing, Taylor is now in the 9th grade with an optimistic outlook. He especially loves reading, is on track academically, and has also made progress with the things that distract him from his learning path. Taylor has also developed very effective ways to relax when he is feeling agitated. He’s proud of this self-knowledge, and he wants a family that can help him continue to learn what works best for him. With the right encouragement, both Taylor’s academic as well as problem solving skills are constantly evolving.

Taylor has big dreams for his future, including a plan to be a carpenter. He has it all planned out: graduate high school, go to a trade school, become an apprentice, then begin the very hands-on work of building houses. In upcoming years, he’d love to learn about “how to build stuff with wood” as well as the tools that can help with that. A family that could nurture Taylor’s interests in these building skills could be very positive for him.

Taylor is looking for a home where he can feel grounded and cared for. Taylor responds well to men and would do well with one or two father figures in his life, though all parents will be considered. Taylor would love to have brothers and sisters around his same age or older. He definitely likes the idea of having older siblings to “look up to.” And of course, he would love a pet!

A family who can set clear expectations and guidelines and is willing to keep Taylor in the loop about planned activities would be really great for him. Taylor is a warmhearted kid and he likes to help out around the house. He is communicative, respectful, and has an incredibly infectious giggle that will surely brighten up his family’s every day. If your family is patient, understanding, and excited to welcome another friendly and loving member to the group, please let us know!

Beyond the Profile: I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of assisting Taylor to create his In-Depth Profile. I think what stood out the most to me is the sincerity of Taylor’s desire for the right adoptive family. He seemed really knowing of how the right family could help him grow into the life he wants right now. Taylor’s compassionate side came through in so many ways too, from his everyday politeness and kindness to me as we collaborated on his project, to his care and love for animals that was so apparent when he was volunteering. He’s going to make a giant addition to lives of the adoptive family that’s right for him!

-NWAE Youth Engagement Specialist, Brandon Adams

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