Meet Taylor

“Who is your favorite superhero and why?”

If you were to ask Taylor, he would give you an effective and inspirational quip. Though he is a big fan of all superheroes, his favorite just may be Batman, for one main reason:

“He never gives up.”

Taylor loves Batman, Marvel movies, his superhero toys, and drawing superhero pictures. He is a very gifted artist, and his superhero pictures show off his passion and talent. Through his art, you can see the dedication to what he loves. Taylor has a slew of interests that expand from his artist’s sketchbook, including anime. He’s big into anime and has even joined a weekly anime group where he and his friends can discuss their favorite thing.

When he isn’t drawing, you can find Taylor reading, coloring, swimming, gardening, and cooking. Yes, cooking! Taylor would like everyone to know that he knows how to bake and his specialties are chocolate chip and sugar cookies. (And what more could you want anyway?) Baking cookies is fun but eating the result is even better. Taylor loves food and though he’s more of a baker than a cook, he has recently gotten into making breakfast burritos. If you need some cookies, a cake, or a burrito, Taylor is your guy.

With past success in writing and punctuation, Taylor is now in the 7th grade with an optimistic outlook. Taylor is on track academically and has made progress with obstacles that distract him from his learning path. Sports are not high on his list of hobbies, but Taylor participated in a basketball clinic in the past and was able to integrate himself into a positive social situation. Taylor has found a good formula to relax when he is feeling overstimulated. With the right encouragement, Taylor’s problem solving skills are constantly evolving.

The outdoors offer an unexplored world to many kids (and adults!), and Taylor is certainly drawn to the wonders of the world. He absolutely loves to be outside and to explore – though watch out! – he really doesn’t like bugs of any kind! Rocks, however, are his favorite. He loves to collect small rocks and other outside items to use in craft projects and large rocks to paint funny faces on. His inquisitive nature is a perfect match for the outside world. (Minus the bugs.) Taylor has expressed interest in attending summer camp one day, which would be a great experience to increase his social range and introduce him to new people.

An animal lover through and through, Taylor spends a lot of time at the animal shelter, and if he could, he’d spend even more time there. He loves going to the shelter to spend time with the dogs and cats.

Taylor has big dreams for his future, including a plan to live in Italy, where the crime rate is low and the weather is nice. Maybe he’ll be a carpenter and travel all around the world.

Taylor would like to be adopted! He is looking for a family who knows how to “be nice and listen to kids’ opinions” and treat everyone equally. Taylor responds well to men and would do well with one or two father figures in his life, though all parents will be considered. Taylor would love to have brothers and sisters around his same age or older, but most importantly, he would love a pet. A family who can set clear expectations and guidelines and is willing to keep Taylor in the loop about planned activities would be really great for him. Taylor is a neat kid and likes to help out around the house. He is communicative, respectful, and has an incredibly infectious giggle that will surely brighten up his family’s every day.If your family is patient, understanding, and excited to welcome another friendly and loving member to the group, please let us know! We’d love to find Taylor the family he deserves.

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