Meet Jon

Jon is excited to share some of his story through our In-Depth Profiles, a NWAE project that empowers youth to speak directly to potential adoptive families. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles™.

Knows all about: RC Cars
Talented at: Solving a Rubik's cube
Don't miss: His signature "buh bye!" on calls
Invested in: Finding a permanent home

Just like the RC cars that he is passionate about, Jon is full of energy and loves to be on the go. Nothing makes him happier than getting outside to race his RC cars, except maybe working on and modifying them to look cool and go faster! Jon’s enthusiasm about RC cars goes beyond the racetrack too. He has plans to start his own streaming channel where he can share his RC knowledge and experience with the world. It’s this kind of creativity and ambition that Jon is best known for and what the people in his life love about him.

Jon has a passion for RC Cars. Listen to him share all about it!

RC cars aren’t the only thing Jon is into. He also really enjoys puzzles, brain teasers and anything that challenges his creative thinking skills, like his Rubik’s Cubes! Jon is very outgoing, he loves engaging with others and can strike up a lively conversation with just about anyone. Jon loves telling jokes and making people laugh. His positive outlook on life, and his friendly demeanor are appreciated by the caring adults in his life who are quick to point out what a pleasure he is to be around.

Currently in the 11th grade, Jon does well in his classes with some extra supports to help him stay focused. A family who can help him stay on track and continue to develop his study skills will be a great fit as he finishes high school and starts thinking about what’s next. Lately Jon has really excelled in how he’s processing his emotions and his ability to reflect on his feelings. A family who will support him as he continues to learn and grow in this way will also be an excellent fit.

Jon's vision for his future includes finding a permanent place to call home.

An ideal family for Jon is one that welcomes him with open arms and can offer him a reliable support system of parenting. Jon really wants to be in a family. He would do well in a home that is patient and consistent. Sketching out boundaries and routines, teaching him responsibility and independent skills, and helping guide him further toward young adulthood – these are all things that would help Jon continue to grow and thrive. If Jon has the ability to keep building his independence within a loving home for the next few years, before launching out on his own, that would be a great thing.

Jon feels some trepidation around the idea of adoption, but wants to have the love and security of a strong support network and is looking to make a connection with the right family. When asked about the type of family he would like to find, Jon said he just wants a loving family who will accept him for who he is (and preferably in the western part of the country). If you can see Jon in your family, please reach out! We’re eager to find the permanent home he deserves.

Beyond the Profile: Jon is an encyclopedia when it comes to RC cars, that goes without saying! His passion and knowledge are unmatched. I loved getting to be a sponge next to him, soaking up all of his teachings and explanations. What impressed me even more was Jon's honesty and openness, particularly about what he's looking for in his future. He's a teen who is very clear that his main goal for his future is landing with a permanent family, where he can continue growing up, with an eye set on independence when he's ready. His In-Depth Profile is just a small slice of his animated, whip-smart personality. He's ready to cruise into a next phase of life, and I hope there's a family out there who feels a connection...and can meet him with a remote control in hand.

-Nick Baumgartner, NWAE Youth Engagement Specialist