Meet Ayden and Harley

Ayden and Harley are waiting for a loving, committed family who can provide long lasting care. While adoption is not an option at this time, they still need permanency through a guardianship family. Learn more about Guardianship or Long Term Foster Care here.

Friendly and energetic, brothers Ayden and Harley are looking forward to finding a permanent home where they can experience new activities and adventures while growing up together. They love to be outdoors, playing sports, riding bikes and scooters, going camping, and especially going fishing! They have their moments of sibling rivalry like all brothers do, but overall are very close with each other.

Ayden is in 6th grade and Harley is in 4th grade. They’ve both made a lot of academic progress with the support of their foster parents and school. With some extra attention and support, both of them will be able to thrive academically. If you ask Ayden and Harley though, they’ll say the best part of the day is getting to participate in all their after-school activities and sports programs.

Ayden and Harley have a number of biological family members that they stay in contact with through a mixture of phone, video, and in-person visits. They have some other family members they don’t currently talk to, but who they’d be interested in reestablishing contact with in the future. Their team is especially excited to hear from families in Oregon or southern Washington, where maintaining these relationships will be easier.

Ayden and Harley’s team knows that they’ll do well in a family that provides clear rules and structure and with parents who model healthy behavior. They have already made a lot of positive strides with the support of their foster parents and other caring adults in their lives. They are still learning a lot about healthy family life, including the importance of earning trust, as well as feeling safe enough to be open and forthright with those who care for you. They do well in calm and nurturing environments where they are encouraged to express their feelings and talk through any struggles. They will also do well with a family who is busy, energetic, and active, as finding positive outlets for their energy is really helpful for them.

Ayden and Harley have enjoyed living in a small, rural town. They are very friendly and love stopping to chat with the locals. They would be thrilled to have a family who takes them fishing and camping and who supports their involvement in after school sports and activities. Ayden and Harley would especially appreciate having their own bedrooms. They like both indoor animals like cats and dogs, as well as farm animals and would really like to wind up in a home that features some sort of furry creatures. If you think you might be the active, fun-loving family for this energetic duo, please reach out to us. We’re ready to find Ayden and Harley the permanent guardianship family that they deserve!

Could you see Ayden and Harley as part of your family?