Meet Riley

Outgoing, friendly, and social, Riley is ready to find an adoptive family to call her own. Kind and caring, she is quick to show her compassionate heart when others are sad. A great conversationalist, Riley is funny, inquisitive, and curious too! Riley enjoys doing all types of art projects, especially painting, drawing, and coloring. She finds a lot of calmness in art and finds it to be a great outlet for her emotions. You can often find her singing along to music, playing her ukulele or recorder, reading, and writing/journaling.

Riley loves living the pampered life, like when she gets to have her hair or nails done. While she can be a bit of a homebody, she still appreciates getting out to swim, play at the park, or go shopping at the mall. She does enjoy being outdoors and finds it to be very uplifting! She likes playing with Barbies, scootering, or riding her bike.

In the 7th grade, Riley enjoys attending her current school, and staff there continue to report that they are happy to have her in the program. Riley’s school provides her with structure, routine, and multiple supports throughout the school day, which has helped her continue to grow in multiple areas. It will be important for her adoptive parents to maintain close contact with Riley’s school staff to monitor her progress and ensure that all of her academic needs are being met.

Riley has been learning to find her own voice, accept more compliments, and to advocate for herself. Recently, she has been embracing more leadership skills. Riley is Christian and will happily talk with anyone who is willing about their beliefs and religious practices.

There are a number of people in Riley’s life who she’ll want to maintain contact with after being adopted. Her brother is among the most important of those connections, along with several other biological family members. She enjoys the time she is able to spend in person with her brother, and has weekly videocalls and phone calls with other members of her family.

Riley also has supportive relationships with some former foster parents. These are people who care for her deeply and enjoy getting to remain active in Riley’s life. These families enjoy spending time with Riley out and about, providing her with fun social outlets or occasional overnight respite visits. These have been great supports for Riley, and she would benefit from ongoing contact with them as appropriate. Riley is also connected with a community-based peer mentor, whom she really enjoys meeting with on a weekly basis.

Riley does best when the adults in her life utilize open and frequent communication about decisions and changes being made that directly affect her. Especially coming into her teenage years, it’s really important to Riley that her thoughts and opinions are taken into consideration. Riley is most successful when provided with clear expectations, consistent structure, and routine, along with one-on-one support and guidance from her caregivers. Utilizing a reward system has also been helpful to keep Riley motivated and engaged. She’ll also benefit from having caregivers who can help her navigate the ins and outs of social media and peer interactions.

Riley’s team is ideally seeking a two-parent household, with at least one parent with a flexible work schedule. Riley’s team also thinks she’d do best as the only youth in the home so she can have the full attention of her caregivers. If there are other youth in the home, it would be best if they’re older teenagers or young adults who can be a positive role model for Riley. Riley really enjoys animals, so she’d greatly appreciate a home with dogs, cats, or both! Riley would also like a family who is active in their local community and can engage Riley in positive social outings like going to local parks, going swimming, and taking family vacations. She has developed interest in sports and would love support around that! Most of all Riley needs a permanent family who can show her the unconditional love, patience, and understanding she deserves.

Riley is an incredible kid who is ready to find stability with her adoptive family. If you’re ready to stick with Riley through all of the adventures that life has in store for her, please let us know! We can’t wait to help her find the permanent home and family she deserves.

Could you see Riley as part of your family?