Meet Anthony

Anthony is a first-on-the-dance-floor kind of guy. He loves a wide range of music and definitely has to be the DJ during a car ride where he will be singing and dancing along to everything! He’s also a big fan of the WWE and can tell you lots about wrestling.

Outside, Anthony really enjoys swimming and just being in the water; he would spend time in a pool or lake every day if he could. Including boating! Honestly, just lying in the grass on a sunny day is relaxing and enjoyable for this laid-back kid.

Anthony has a big personality and is very engaging. He has a wicked sense of humor and likes telling and hearing jokes; his humor is rooted in kindness. Anthony has a great deal of empathy and is very thoughtful. It’s clear that he cares deeply about the people in his life. He’s also an animal lover and takes gentle care of all creatures.

Currently in the 9th grade, Anthony is a bright and capable student. He does his best in school when he feels seen and supported. Science is his favorite subject, and he would like to be a pediatric nurse one day.

It’s fair to say Anthony is a people-person. He’s got a talent for reading people and he’s very relational. He easily engages with a wide range of folks and his keen memory helps him remember minute details of experiences he’s shared with others. It's always fun to reminisce with Anthony about amusing experiences. He’s highly aware of the people around him and holds space for his peers and friends. His social worker admires Anthony’s high level of emotional intelligence.

When asked what they appreciate about him, Anthony’s foster parents highlight how patient and gentle he is with their toddler. They enjoy Anthony’s company and say he’s an engaged member of the family – from game nights to movie nights to long walks and art projects. The family enjoys meals and reading together as well.

Anthony enjoys trying new things and shows a lot of courage and tenacity even when things don't go as planned. For example, a story:

One summer, Anthony went kayaking for the first time. Upon setting sail, he expressed some apprehension and concern that he would certainly drown if he fell out of the boat. (Anthony loves being melodramatic.) He was reminded that in the off chance he did fall out, he was wearing a life jacket and is also a great swimmer. (He was also assured that his case manager was close by and would help him keep him safe!)

A while later, after jokingly dipping his feet in the water and rocking his kayak, Anthony managed to tip his whole boat over. After a few hearty shrieks, he laughed and assured everyone he was just fine and was actually enjoying the swim. A nearby boat helped Anthony get back into his kayak but a few minutes later, he was in the water again laughing and joking around.

After being set upright once more, Anthony ended up back in the water again, this time genuinely by accident. After a momentary feeling of defeat, he swam back to the dock and later announced that he'd enjoyed himself immensely and would do it all again. In fact, he suggested getting a double kayak next time!

When it comes to a future adoptive family, Anthony has a few things he hopes to find. He likes the pacific northwest and would prefer to stay in the general area. He hopes to keep a connection with his current foster family, who mean a lot to him. Anthony says it would be a "pro" if the foster family enjoyed watching TV, playing video games, swimming, boating, crabbing (he adds, “crab is delicious!”), and traveling.

When asked what qualities are important to him in an adoptive family, he responded that he hopes they’ll be nice people and noted that he doesn’t like to get bullied by other people. Anthony adds that he’ll appreciate a family that can be receptive to his emotional needs. He’s open to any family makeup, with preference toward an LGBTQ+ couple of any gender. His preference is to be the only child in the home or just a few other children. He loves animals and would find it comforting to live in a household with pets: cats, dogs, or preferably both!

Anthony’s team adds that he thrives when he’s in a family setting that can offer a lot of structure and nurturing attention. They say he does best with caregivers with strong emotional intelligence who are willing to have challenging conversations at times.

If you can see this hilarious, loving kid in your family, please reach out to us. We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

Could you see Anthony as part of your family?