Meet Elijah

Elijah is excited to share some of his story through our In-Depth Profiles, a NWAE project that empowers youth to speak directly to potential adoptive families. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles™.

Skilled at: Art and drawing perspectives
Learning: To play the piano
Not-so-secret talent: Playing pool
Focused on: Finishing high school

Elijah is a teen drawn to connection. He loves to be social and funny and strike up conversations with those around him. His infectious smile is as unmistakable as his red hair. You can’t miss him, and you wouldn’t want to! Elijah is known to have a big heart.

Elijah is funny, creative, and a natural entertainer. As he thought about how he wanted to share through his In-Depth Profile, a 'late night talk show' style segment was a natural fit. It allowed him to joke around, show off his smarts, and belt some of his favorite tunes. He's excited to share all parts of it on his page.

Elijah will find the spotlight. He picked a 'name that tune' segment for his talk show appearance.

Elijah’s interests reach widely. He likes to read and play games (the Harry Potter book series has been a long time favorite and his skill on a pool table is a sight to behold!). Winding down with movies on the couch is always a welcome activity. And when it comes to video games, Elijah’s attention to detail and passion for the intricacies of game building and storytelling is unmatched.

He also likes to get outside for fresh air, whether that means shooting hoops, throwing a football around, or another casual sport. He seems to pick up things quickly and is quick to say yes to something fun.

Elijah is a well known jokester. It was only natural that a 'dad joke' segment would be featured!

Elijah does well in school and has continued to grow and mature as a student and a peer. Adults close to him have recognized his emotional growth and ability to verbalize what he’s feeling in different settings. And he’s recognized it too, which is a very cool thing. Having continued support around him at home and at school will be a big boost to his academic pursuits, which he is determined to reach. He has a goal of finishing high school and then after that? Who knows!

Elijah is really invested in the search for a future permanent home, adoptive or otherwise. It’s something that he wants. A family who can commit to him and offer consistent patience and care will fit him well, and give him time to transition into a new home environment. Elijah has a lot to look forward to and his teenage years is a central part of that for him. Elijah and his team are excited to hear from families who feel a connection and think they can provide him the home, family, and support he deserves. We hope you’ll reach out to us!

Beyond the Profile: Elijah just dives in, no reservations, with full commitment. And it's a blast to be in his orbit. Not everyone is up for being the guest star of their own 'Late Night Talk Show' style videos and profile, but it's right up Elijah's alley. I had so much fun planning out the ideas for his project and then tackling them together. More than anything, Elijah gravitated towards what sounded fun and true to him. I love that his enthusiasm, humor, and smarts just jump off the page through his videos. He's a teen who loves to connect and is comfortable being himself in so many situations - if that wasn't obvious already! In addition to the showmanship and impromptu singing performances, Elijah created a profile so potential homes out there could get a glimpse of who he is today - because that's what he's still after: finding a permanent home. And I hope his In-Depth Profile can reach far and help him reach that goal, because he deserves it.

-Nick Baumgartner, NWAE Youth Engagement Specialist

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