Meet Elijah

It’s hard to find a hobby or activity that Elijah doesn’t enjoy! He’s a skilled video gamer and loves playing them, of course! Elijah is pretty chill and is always happy to just hang out and watch something -- movies, shows, YouTube. He likes sports too!

In school, Elijah does his best academic work in smaller, structured settings. He does really well academically and has made a lot of progress in expressing himself with his teachers and mentors. Though he’s not sure what he wants to do when he grows up, Elijah is very determined to finish high school.

A special note: his social worker thinks game design would be a great future career path for Elijah, as he knows the “ins and outs of every game he plays.”

Funny and caring, Elijah wants very much to find a home and environment that he feels he truly belongs in. His team praises his warm heart and thinks a patient family who will stick with Elijah through it all will be the best fit. Additionally, there are relationships in Elijah’s life that he would like to maintain. A family who will support these bonds will be essential.

Elijah’s team would like to hear from families who are interested in learning more about Elijah and who think they can provide him the quality time, attention, and love that he truly deserves.

Could you see Elijah as part of your family?